According to Hinduism , what is Atman?

////According to Hinduism , what is Atman?

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    According to Hinduism, what is Atman?
    What role does Atman play in birth,life,death and Nirvana cycle?

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    Hello Dheeraj,
    I’m not sure if you were addressing this question to the authors – in which case you need the @question tag to direct it to their attention.

    If you were just looking for any input, I guess i would say I have seen the term Atman used to mean what ‘soul’ means in English – the indwelling spirit that animates the body. In Hinduism of course, as you mentioned, it is seen as moving from one body to another at death/birth. I’ve alse seen the distinction made between Jeevatma & Paramatma, meaning the individual ‘souls’ animating individual bodies, and the fundamental Soul or Consciousness that is the ultimate truth of everything around us.


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