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    Deepak Chopra
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    You Are the Universe

    My book You Are The Universe co-written with Menas Kafatos is published today and available everywhere.
    It is already #1 in Cosmology and Science & Religion on Amazon.

    Thank you for your support!


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    Aurora Carlson
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    Huge congratulations Deepak and Menas, this is amazing! Thank you for this book, it is a mind-expanding, heart-strengthening masterpiece! I look forward to reading and discussing it together with everyone on the forum!

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    Kent Van Cleave
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    Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading it. Hope mine is in the post office today…

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    joanne cooper28
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    Congratulations Deepak and Menas on the launch of YATU! All of my best to you! I am looking forward to receiving my copy and diving in to this expansive topic!

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    Congratulations on the launch to both authors, Drs. Chopra & Kafatos! Immensely looking forward to reading it, and to getting your unique take on this age-old and fundamental topic.

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    Lindsay Briner
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    Congratulations Deepak & Menas Kafatos! Way to This flip the script on the mainstream scientific worldview & place consciousness at the fundamental forefront to everything else (where it belongs)! This is a great achievement and will set the stage for the ontological primitive to build even more momentum! Very exciting.

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    Many congratulations dearest Deepak. Although I have not read it but I know It is an excellent book and a great gift to those who have brought it. I know that you will soon have even a much larger audience for your work. We are so fortunate to come in contact with a great soul like you in our lifetime. Wish you all the success and a long life.
    Love Sophia

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    Woo-hoo! We are on the brink of another huge upset–this one in our understanding of reality and our role in creating it. Perhaps it puts all the chaos in our world into perspective: by changing our minds, we change the world. Put another way, WE are the universe. How empowering! I’ve been learning so much from Deepak’s live talks in the run up to this book launch; now I cannot wait to dive in.

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