Condemned To Experience An Infinity Of Egoic Existences For Eternity?

////Condemned To Experience An Infinity Of Egoic Existences For Eternity?

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    So, say we are this infinite self behind the ego. And when we die we cease being this particular personality it’s wearing and remember what we really are. So are we done, and will never wear a personality again? Or will we come out of infinite self to once again experience a mask/personality? Meaning, wearing personalities for eternity is the long scale situation for the ultimate/infinite self.

    According to the multiverse or even if you believe in an infinite universe, it means there’s an infinity of personalities/bodies inhabiting this universe/reality. Am I going to experience myself as each and every one of these personalities/bodies/organisms inhabiting the multiverse/infinite universe? Meaning I’ll experience myself as each and every person and animal on this Earth once or possibly endless times into infinity.

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    This may seem like a very simple thought or answer. Your soul will reincarnate with the postnatal and pre-natal tendencies of the personalities you have been. You will surround yourself with other beings of similar energetic vibration and karmas until you find the way to unveil the Universe as the SELF. Not the ego self. Meditation, good company. other good habits allow you to get closer to God. Everything is done for God or the Brahman or The Universe. Whatever you call it. When the consciousness becomes the Infinite rather than clinging to the finite there is an opportunity to leave the cycle of samskaras and become one with the Universe, the cosmic field of silver light, Divine Consciousness, Brahman, whatever you want to designate it as. Your choices and actions determine how you live. This is how you die. If you die in a state of devotion to God then you will transcend your karma. We, I should say.

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