Dark Matter Acceptance

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    Dark Matter Acceptance

    One hasn’t awakened yet in consciousness;
    awakened implies reflecting.
    Dark Matter doesn’t reflect light
    so far as I understand, so far.
    It is pre-light in substance.

    On a higher turn of the spiral,
    Dark Matter is…
    The embodied evidence
    of things unseen,
    yet remaining in existence,
    for when we’re ready to
    work with the energies.

    Once one has become aware
    of Dark Matter’s existence,
    it has developed reflection
    as some form of light,
    yet to be understood.

    As the atoms of our being
    are a reflection of the hidden gem,
    so too, is Dark Matter.
    Otherwise, we would never
    come to understand
    it’s nature.

    Namaste! In love,

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