Deepak Chopra, Your personal experience

////Deepak Chopra, Your personal experience

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    Hi Deepak,

    Would be very interested to hear your own personal experience of higher conciousness ….How does it manifest for you?

    For me personally, I experience higher conciousness as having sparkling eyes and a feeling of pure joy. Also having the ability to somehow make trees (hundreds of meters away sway) just by directing my conciousness in that direction

    Higher conciousness also manifests for me sometimes as rushes of wind which are powerful enough to blow physical objects over (Such as bins, plastic chair etc)

    What are your thoughts on this, have you experienced similar things, or seen other people accessing higher dimensions of conciousness.



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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear Hydraides, thank you for the question! I have been asked this by many people, but you precipitated an answer you can watch in Readers Ask: Deepak Chopra’s Personal Experience of Higher Consciousness


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    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for spending the time replying to my question, much appreciated.

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Thank you for asking this question @hydraides, I much enjoyed reading about your experiences and also watching Deepak’s answer. I think that the more people with such experiences meet and share them, discussing their understanding of it all, the faster we will collectively move forward. Wishing you continued joy and sparkling eyes! 🙂

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    Menas Kafatos
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    Dear @hydraides:

    Let me also respond as this is a cosmic question: These are great experiences you have. The most important one is to, as you say, “having sparkling eyes and a feeling of pure joy”. Cosmic consciousness (or “higher”) is to experience the divine in everyday life. At first one can do this by being aware in the moment. As time progresses, it becomes more and more effortless and we experience Grace which moves us along. The yogic powers can be a distraction. Realizing the divinity in all is the surest path, although it seems slow at first.

    You may want to visit


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