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    Dear @deepakchopra and @menask, @question

    I hope this finds you well. In YATU, you write on pg 43, “You are an island of order…Turning into an energy consumer instead of an energy loser is critical.” Could you please elaborate on this a little more? I feel many of us are trying to put out much more energy than we really are; perhaps we’re being energy losers rather than consumers. I have noticed that daily meditation, healthy diet, staying physically active, and integrating more positive words and actions have made a notable difference in my life, but I still often feel like a shadow of the energy being I’ve brightly been in the past.

    In gratitude,

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    Aurora Carlson
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    Dear Lilianna, thank you for yet another beautiful question, I can’t wait to hear the answers from the authors! (Just as a side note, know that it is fully enough to use @question, you don’t need to @mention the authors).

    I think my professional life circles around this very subject, and being aware of our life energy, or Prana as is is called in Sanskrit, is extremely important for a good life and also for spiritual advancement. So I warmly congratulate you for being aware and wanting to nourish and increase it!

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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @lilianna-deveneau , thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: How to Become an Energy Consumer Instead of Energy Loser?


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