Going beyond the human experience

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    sara jones
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    Whilst in (my) truth we are not actually humans, we have been blessed a human experience allowing us to perceive the beauty of the universe through our human senses of smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste. To me, whilst allowing us to experience all through these, it only explains a fraction of what can be truly experienced independently of our human senses. The truth of the universe experienced through essence & soul goes way beyond the human senses & I fail to be able to put into words the incredulous of the experience when going beyond the human. Perhaps Deepak, you could assist with this? Thanks in advance 🙏

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    Menas Kafatos
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    Dear @sara-jones:

    Absolutely right! When we begin to realize the unity of All, then wonder and awe arise. They are good feelings. They lead to humility and the awareness of the beauty within, which is much greater than any external beauty.

    Love and respect,


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