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    Deepak Chopra
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    I am reading a few passages from my book You Are the Universe co-written with Menas Kafatos, specifically the chapter “Home Free: Embracing Your Cosmic Self” and discussing what it means to be free, to achieve what some traditions call moksha or enlightenment.

    Let me know what you think!


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    Dear Deepak,

    I know who IAM. I know I am co-creating my reality. I want to be home free!!! But I can’t seem to get a handle on my mind so the reality in my awareness is scattered and non-sensical. Like a movie that doesn’t make sense. My mind seems to run off with the knowledge. I’d love to discuss what I have created with you so that you could guide me to a place I can live with.

    I awakened to seeing my thoughts created my reality 1.5 years ago. I feel like I’ve been on a backwards seeking quest since the original awakening. I think by seeking to understand (what I know) I seem to have confused myself and scared myself into moving forward. I feel paralyzed at times. I’ve been looking for something that I can believe that fits with the life I live.

    I hope that you will contact me to discuss further.

    Thank you

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Hello Tine! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I hope Deepak answers your question, but until then, may I ask, have you ever sat in a movie theater, watching a movie that doesn’t make sense? I know I have, and I for one react to such by getting up and doing something else.

      But when it comes to the movie of life, we can’t get up and leave. But what we can do, especially when we have realized that our thoughts create the movie… what we can do is start playing with the movie. We can start to choose what kind of movie we want it to be, and we can start practicing this skill, this capacity of our Self, of creating the movie.

      So if you are watching a scattered movie right now, or a movie that doesn’t feel the way you wish it to feel… maybe you can observe the qualities expressed in that movie, and start shifting them. Chaos is scattered and meaningless… until we give it meaning so it can re-arrange itself in structures that we can enjoy.

      In other words… what would you like to experience? That could be a good question to ask oneself at times like this.

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