How to Post Images on YATU

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    To insert images in your YATU topics and replies, here is what you need to do:

    STEP 1: When creating a new topic or a reply, press the “img” button above the text box.

    A new box will open, prompting you to add the URL of the image. Paste the URL into this box and press OK. In the new box opening, you can choose to enter a description of the image (optional).

    That’s all! The image will have been added to your entry.

    Tip 1:
    If your image is on your phone, tablet or desktop you will need to upload it to an online image host first (like Flickr or Postimage). Then use the URL as described above.

    Tip 2:
    If your image is too big, you can adjust its size by adding a fixed width (width=”800″) to the image address, like this:

    If you need further help with posting images, let us know in the comments!

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