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    Dear Dr. Chopra,

    I would like to ask what to do about feeling “homesick” not feeling like you belong in this world, wanting to return to G-d and the Angels ad making peace with the density of this world and that my idealistic visionary way of seeing is not everyone’s. I have moments of feeling home when I feel so connected to them and I feel the overwhelming love and acceptance of them. Then I have to return to the mundane world and those who don’t see or understand me. I try to keep my thinking on as high a vibration as I can with many forms of Holistic and Spiritual practices but because I deal with Depression and Complex PTSD it is hard sometimes to do this. It is sometimes more of an Existential Depression feeling like I am not doing my job here to the best of my ability, a seeking meaning and peace in all that has happened so that I can continue to ascend and be the teacher I am here to be, trying to remember to separate from the Ego and to know others have free will to choose what they want to experience. I think part of it is trying too hard to be perfect and knowing I can’t because I am in a Human body. I can’t make others see me as I am or listen to the messages that I am here to send about Love and Light and Peace and Cooperation with all beings. That sounds egotistical but it isn’t about ME, it is about the message, I am only the vehicle, the Emissary (some lady once said I was an Emissary and was getting too caught up in the Human Condition and forgetting my job as messenger and so got depressed and Homesick. She was so right! I know everyone is where they are in their development but I want them to see the truth and let in the Light and maybe the wanting so much for everyone to be who they can be is Ego impatience) I am learning to just relay the messages and let it be. I used to work as a Special Ed teacher and now I do healing work and sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by Special Ed students and have to be patient, LOL! I know a lot of this is Ego and just learning to be comfortable in the Human body with imperfection though the memory of Home and love is so strong, it’s hard to be here. I really think a lot of this is just trying to make peace with being in a body instead of just free spirit. I have not had an issue with remembering I am spirit, I have had more trouble with being in a body in a dense world.

    Also if we can create our reality with our thoughts and I know we do, then theoretically we can travel back to the past or up to the future to change things. Can we really time travel in “reality” or only change our perception of the past and future? I have been working in the Mental Health field for a very long time so I know about changing perceptions and how thinking changes the brain. Thus I try to be mindful of where my thoughts are.

    Thank you.


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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @susan , thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: How Do We Heal the Feeling of Being Homesick?


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