How We Create Our Experience of Time and Why It Matters

////How We Create Our Experience of Time and Why It Matters

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    Deepak Chopra
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    After reading a few passages from the chapter “Where Did Time Come From?” in You Are the Universe I am answering the following questions:

    Question about the chapter:
    “What did you mean when you wrote For as long as a person is alive, he or she is ‘creating’ time; we never run out?
    Could you please expand?”

    Question from the Forum:
    “My question is: Pure Consciousness, the field of infinite possibilities is beyond space and time and therefore before the Big Bang. This is a field of probability waves.

    We access pure consciousness through meditation in the gap between our thoughts. Pure consciousness is omniscient and omnipresent but non local and the only way to access this field is through our beingness.
    Is that right?”

    Let me know what you think!


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    Ana Sanjuan
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    How much fun was this video! And what a huge topic- time and timelessness!

    Our modern society is consumed by time. As we move faster and faster through our days, we have become machines of productivity. And implicitly, machines driven by scarcity. Our modern mantra is “we must do more within the time we have.”

    From a personal perspective, managing time is my Achilles heal and my strength. For 25 years I’ve been interested in time management, productivity, etc…I’ve read all the books, experimented with endless tools and systems; and yes, more often than not, I’ve felt that “I am running out of time.”

    Deepak said “We metabolize the experience of time into the experience of our biology.” Ouch!! What biological havoc am I creating!?!

    As I consider this more closely, what I manage is not ‘time’ per say, but ‘attention and focus.’ My time management systems help me envision, name my priorities, focus on them, and exclude distractions; all in the interest of accomplishing my goals. In general this has been a positive and constructive element of my life.

    But I still always feel like I am running, the adrenaline is up, the cortisol flushing through my system- not good!

    Now I’d like to weave in the beauty of Deepak’s video and advising on timelessness and flow. Can I accomplish and stay in timeless flow in unison? What a delicious invitation!

    I’m going to take a guess: to accomplish and be timeless in unison, I need to:
    1- slow down my thoughts. As Deepak said, “the experience of time is the movement of thought.
    2- extend in the space between my thoughts (is this the same answer as #1?)
    3- connect more to the feelings that transcend time. As Deepak said “Beauty, harmony, truth, goodness, joy, love –these experiences take us in the direction of our timeless being.”
    4-get out of a relationship with and against time- that is a mental construct created by me….
    5- drop into awareness more often

    Any other suggestions or commentaries? Please add!!

    Thank you Deepak and thank you community,

    Ana (Anita) Sanjuan

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    Hello, Deepak and of course all contributors to this wonderful forum. This is by far the best use of ‘time’ I have discovered in a very long while. Before I begin with my own attempt at examining how we create our experience of time, etc., I must explain that I have not yet read the book because it will be a birthday present in a few days. Oh how I wish time would hurry on this occasion. After I have read the book, I will look back at the few responses to this and other issues I have responded to and see how they compare (or not) with your thinking.
    I have often wished I could ignore time and simply get on with this life. That however will never work because the world about me is completely embroiled in time… to get ready for school, start work, pick up groceries, etc; so, how can I live outside this sometimes rather vicious circle?
    I read a comment by a travel writer yesterday. He was describing life in a remote village in Ethiopia where they extracted water from a desert well with a bucket attached to a long rope which they threw down the well and used a donkey to pull the bucket back up. The writer suggested that they needed a machine for this work but then what would happen when it stopped working. . . needed parts . . . ? It would simply fall into disuse as many offerings from well-meaning aid agencies had over the years. And then there was the politics of the country; they simply passed them by, made no difference, whatever happened outside, their lives carried on in the way they always had.They do what they must by day and sleep when darkness falls. Some things they do will be incorporated into village life and slowly, some of their ways will change, yet they live outside the worlds timezone.
    When a story was told about something that had once happened in their lives, it was referred to as an event from the past and not given a specific time-frame. The market in a distant town trades daily so the villagers arrive there when they have something to trade. They have no need to know when Friday will fall as I do and that to get the best produce it is advisable to arrive at the market before 10.00 a.m., after my daughter has left for school at 8.30.
    Time in this Ethiopian village is marked by events that have taken place as it is by me in my more complicated life. I feel at my best when I am free to think and experience the joys of life without time constraints. Time is a system of reference that my spirit has no need of.

    I hope this little ramble has been of some help. I could write much more but alas, time at this moment is not on my side.

    Peace, love and happiness, Steve C

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Steve ( @stevecostello ),

      What an absolutely delightful post you shared with us, thank you! I think other friends like @jenniferl @robin @sree @lilianna-deveneau and of course @derek-whitney might enjoy reading and chimeing in, time is such an interesting topic. And from reading the above post- maybe @anasanjuan if she finds the time! Hugs to you dear Ana 🙂

      Is it time to wish you a happy birthday Steve? Not really yet I think, a couple of days more 🙂 On one level, I can get the date right or wrong of course, but on another level Steve… your birthday is just an idea, is it not? It is a concept of beginning embedded into another concept, that of the Gregorian calendar, which is embedded into the story of linear time we people have invented. It will be wonderful to hear your thoughts after you have read the chapter about time in #YATU!

      Escaping the prison of time has been a goal for many seekers, and there are many tips and tricks on how to do that 🙂 I remember when I started to use a time-stopping mantra. How amazing life became! Every time I found myself saying “this is impossible, I will never make it in time”… I found myself smiling when I had made it in time, miraculously. Many of my students have reported the same results when playing with that mantra. But the trick is to be able to shift levels of reality. The linear time level is the most heavy, concrete level, but if you go to a more subtle level, things are not set in stone. From there even time is just a construct. The societies you so beautifully told us about, were comfortable perceiving from the subtle level and didn’t need to create fixed time structures. Being attuned, they manifested the product they needed or the customer to buy it, when they needed it. That’s what we need to do in our societies too, and that’s what those do who are not fooled by the surface level. Whenever it’s time, you know it inside, and all who are supposed to move with you know it too 🙂 And the nice part is that this process is not random, but connected to the intention of universal consciousness. Your own deepest intention.

      There is so much to discuss 🙂 I am so glad for you all dear friends, glad and grateful that we can share our knowings and insights, our questions and answers… something magical happens in this process. Was it the right time to meet? 🙂

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    Thank you for that very interesting response Aurora ( @aurorac ). In Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, Douglas Adams referred to time as an illusion, I missed the point all those years ago yet in my mind it might have been before I fell asleep last night.
    Would it be possible to share your mantra? I could certainly make great use of it today. Hope your day is a positive one, Steve C

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Sure dear Steve, it is the Kala mantra, Kala being the Sanskrit name for the god or archetype of time.

      Handling time is one of the expansion steps in my Prosperity for Good People Program. The time mantra is here: Timelessness- Prosperity for Good People Program . It is one of the later steps of the program, after a phase of cleansing and one of clarifying and focusing, but it might help you better than just reading the mantra. If you follow the link you will find an audio of the mantra and a ten minute meditation that you can do once a day (or more often if you wish) to start accessing the timeless state of consciousness.

      I hope it helps 🙂

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    Thanks for inviting me into this discussion (too), Aurora. As you know, I have written the teen time travel adventure, Edge of Yesterday, so time is always on my mind! For me, the perception of time and its passing works on a multitude of levels. When I first started writing the novel in 1997, my goal was to make the experience of time travel by my girl protagonist, Charley, as realistic as possible, even knowing that in the material world, time travel to the past is theoretically not (yet) possible. Charley’s goal was to build Leonardo da Vinci’s design for a time machine for the middle school science fair to meet Leonardo in person and get back “in time” to win the school science fair.

    Charley and I got stuck on the physics. So I put the story away until 2012 when the confirmation of the Higgs boson, neutrinos and the ubiquity of the computer tablet theoretically made the idea of travel to the past and communication between past and present possible (taking into account the paradox that one could not travel back to a time that had already happened–so here we incorporated the notion of the multiverse. And in the end of this process–20 years later!–it is really the imagination and a lot of research that has made time travel possible for Charley and me both, and leads me to the understanding that past, present and future are all here in the Now.

    So I agree that time is endless and what we make of it! I envision it this way: when you are on a riverbank, you can watch the waters rush by–and all you see is one view of the scene with waters passing. From the vantage point of As Leonardo himself said, “In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.”

    That said, I have been stretching time all weekend to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with friends and family instead of working on a big deadline. As for working, there is no time like the present!

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Wow Robin, your time travel adventure book seems to be an adventure in itself! Such fun it is to experience all these linear time events, isn’t it? For you to line up the story of your book, it took words, it took thoughts, it took a structure of concepts… while silence itself is not even touched 🙂 So it is with all our adventures… and like Leonardo’s river metaphor, so too the ancient sages of Vedic times told the story of a yogi meeting Vishnu, who asked him to fetch a glass of water. The yogi went to the river to do that, but on his way he met a girl, he married, had children, had a long happy life, and then that flood you mentioned in another thread happened and he watched the river take all he loved and leaving him on the shores, where Vishnu sat. “Have you fetched my glass of water?” Vishnu asked 🙂

      As for deadlines… they make me smile. We can draw lines in the sand and threaten ourselves with death of eternal life if we step over them. Why not? It’s exciting 🙂 I’m sure your project will be finished in the precisely right time!

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      Thank you Aurora @aurorac for posting those links, I already feel some differences in my daily outlook. I need to work right now but I will be back soon with some thoughts on ‘timeless, creative beings. Hugs, Steve

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    Hi @aurorac, @anitasanjuan, @stevecostello, @robin, & YATU community!

    Aurora, thanks for pulling me into this great conversation! I trust I’m appearing just at the right moment! And how amusing it is for me to look back at the original post dates!

    This video was stunning in its clarity of what we perceive to be convoluted concepts, such as Deepak’s great strength! I watched this “yesterday” before visiting a friend and allowed my self to ruminate before crafting my response. This companion is 87 years old, and as I sat next to him at his kitchen table drinking coffee, he said to me, “I can feel time catching up on me. I even feel it in the back of my head. Time catches up with a person, changes a person.” I pointed out that he still did his leg raises every morning and touch his toes! Many people my “age” can’t do that! His speech changed right around his birthday in November from joyous and triumphant to defeated and scared, and since then I’ve watched the weight fall off him, his skin grow pale, and his energy fizzle. I also told him of several people I know who are nearly and over 100 “years old” and said, “You’re here as long as you choose to be!” I continued to help point out his self-defeating talk and encouraged him to replace them with positive ones. He called me today and seemed much more chipper; I hope he can continue to keep his Self on a positive, high vibration and experience all the peace, love, and joy Deepak discusses in the video!

    I see this friend’s transformation of his mind-body just as I can reflect upon my own. My friend’s thoughts literally made his body react to a threat, as Ana recognized in her life. As I’ve shared with the YATU community, I grew up with the label of having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; my “old soul” was reflected in my painful, swollen joints and all the language of “I can’t.” Yet there were “times,” experiences in which I forgot about my disability, living in the joy of the present moment. When I would excitedly share the good news of my increased mobility or some other progress, it was dismissed with a “Well, be thankful for your good days, you won’t have many in your life.” Eventually, I started asking why that was so, and how these other people, adult or not, knew more about my own body, my own Self. Once I decided they didn’t, I began peeling away the veils of the ego. Though scary, and sometimes hard to accept the truths I discovered, this liberation had a snowball effect that eventually led me here to the YATU community! I am so thankful for others along my path who have encouraged me to listen to my intuition and follow my path to healing.

    Ana, this brings me back to your post. I love your energy, and felt a rush of vibrancy and joy when reading your words! As for your outline, those are the steps I largely followed. To remind me to stop and connect with my true Self throughout the day (and breathe!), I created affirmation flashcards, set reminders on my phone, and created a daily routine of meditation and taking space for my Self. I’m always astonished by how apparent it’s become to those around me when I haven’t given my Self this “time”!

    Deepak’s distinction between happiness and joy was also very helpful, and reminds me of a podcast he made discussing the “why” behind wanting something. Do you want whatever it is because of the power/status it brings? If so, that’s from the ego and can always be taken from you. This truth spoke to my core and gave me the conviction to admit that law school was not my path.

    Steve and Aurora, I appreciate your convo regarding being attuned to one’s self rhythms and how that plays out in various expressions of humanity. Studying other cultures has been extremely influential in allowing myself to ask questions that led me from bondage.

    Robin, thanks for your fabulous response, and I look forward to reading Charley’s and your “time”-travel adventure! ☺ Aurora, I’m similarly sending my gratitude to you for attaching your site, and I can’t wait to explore it!

    Thanks to all of you for contributing to positive habits that will impact my experiences and the energy of us all!


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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Lili, thank you for the absolutely wonderful story about your friend! If we all allowed ourselves (and each other) to be timeless, aging would surely vanish from our collective experience. It is remarkable how strong the insistence is in most societies to measure everyone in terms of age! I have had the good fortune to spend a long time in the company of people who are not fixated on the issue, have found my home in timelessness, but some time ago I changed setting and landed among young people, students who were strongly conditioned around age “boxes”. There was no real problem until they found out what my chronological age is, and they were incredibly provoked by me totally ignoring how I should be if I was either the age I look or the age I chronologically am! They had their ideas of how one should be and I just shrugged. In general I was doing things “no one does” at either of those “ages”, and refusing to do all kinds of things they thought were compulsory 🙂 Gosh, I absolutely love to bust boxes 🙂 The only thing better than that is to have my own boxes busted!
      Stay timeless, friends… 🙂

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