I Am That I Am

//I Am That I Am

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    Deepak Chopra
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    I am that I am
    And that is enough.
    I am the it from the bit
    But also the bit in the it
    I am the seer
    I am the scenery
    I am the knower the knowing & the known.
    I am awareness that knows itself
    As the subject & object of experience
    I am the experiencer, the experiencing and the experience
    I am that
    That I am
    That alone is.
    I straddle the universe with but a fraction
    Of my limitless being.

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    Everything that ever existed
    Everything ever written
    Any song ever sung
    Was created by me
    My true Self

    Those whose light shines
    Were given their position by me
    To be beacons of light to me
    In my hour of darkness
    Shine on my glory!

    Much love, Krista

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    Deepak, as usual the message shines through.

    @krista, love it. “My True Self”

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