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    I wish everyone realized the power
    Giving life to their joy and their sorrow,
    I wish we stopped chasing the dream of tomorrow
    The truth is right here, it is now,
    Not next lifetime, next year or next hour.

    I wish people saw through all that is hollow
    And knew we don’t need to endure, nor wallow.
    I wish we would not let illusions swallow
    The truth which is here and is now.
    You are writing the script. Don’t follow.

    I wish those awakened would brightly lead
    Freeing themselves of the fear and the greed
    Self-aware as the answer to every need
    The truth is right here, right now.
    You are, you plant, you bring forth each seed.

    (This poem was inspired by @richa ‘s beautiful poem A Prayer In My Heart as the Wish for the Universe. Thank you for reading, feel free to continue the wish! 🙂 )

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