Is Artificial Intelligence Linked to Spirituality?

////Is Artificial Intelligence Linked to Spirituality?

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    Dearest Authors and YATU Community,

    Poetry First:

    From the personality level: duality
    To the Absolute: I AM THAT I AM
    What’s in between?
    Everything and Nothing
    Equality and Essentials
    What’s essential?
    This is an emergent work.

    A quote from the Authors:

    “Likewise, human beings experience a world of inner experiences like love, joy, inspiration, discovery, surprise, boredom, anguish, and frustration that cannot be turned into numbers. Therefore, the whole inner world is alien to computers (You Are the Universe: 189).”

    Ponderings and Development:

    ‘I and the Father are One’ means to me an understanding of that which we are achieving in the hopes of bettering mankind. And, knowing how we affect the lives up and down the Kingdom, including the atoms of AI robots, computers, and the like, which come together in aggregate. The interplay of energies between the observer and the observed is a creative process built to last throughout all of creation. It’s the focal point of achievement. The I Am Thus, so far as I understand.

    Does AI have a soul? Who is the indwelling entity? And how is this entity animated, brought to light, given breath, in an AI unit? Is it even possible to do so? Can humanity create in one’s own image? Or, play God?

    Ultimately, I think it may be possible considering our limitless potential, given knowledge and understanding, because it is Oneself developing – in another model of reality in a Holographic Universe. The house of God is not built by brick and mortar alone, but by the flesh of my flesh, or in this case, the little bits of computer parts on the table.

    With my metaphysical background, I think of reported instances of hauntings, possessions, earth bound beings having certain abilities to affect not only the person in the physical body being possessed, such as may be the case with multiple personality disorders, but also inanimate objects as well. This is obviously out of the realm of modern scientific thinking, of course, but I think there is reason to step out of the box here.

    ‘If you build it, they will come,’ says the movie, Field of Dreams. “They” who? How are we giving the spark of life…when all is living matter at various levels of evolutionary development? In other words, what is the vehicle of expression? And, for what level of conscious being? Are we revisiting Lucy?

    So how do we get our computers to speak for themselves? Instances of bi-location come to mind. In the book The Autobiography of a Yogi, Sri Yogananda speaks of his spiritual teacher appearing to him in one location in India, while the physical body of his spiritual teacher was alive and well in another location. How does understanding of this ability impact our understanding of AI?

    I guess the bottom line, so far as I can see, and in order to safely create AI without destroying ourselves and the planet, is to ask ourselves what our motive for AI is. And, what level of conscious development do we want to be demonstrating in order to effectively motivate matter and awaken the indwelling entity? As we’ve discussed previously, different levels of identification (personality, soul, cosmic consciousness, etc…) create very different realities for the Onlooker.

    “Thou art Brahman, one with the syllable OM, which is in all scriptures -the supreme syllable, the mother of all sound. (Upanishads, Ch. 7 Taittiriya, pg. 57).” For us all to remember that at every level of Being, there is Brahman.

    Love to all,


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    Aurora Carlson
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    Jennifer, thank you for that lovely poem- it so well describes the journey!
    Such interesting questions you ask! As I see it, the indwelling entity as you call it gives life/existence to everything and soul is a name for that spark of life which has apparently separated itself from everything, becoming something other. So- does AI have soul too?? It would require AI to be conscious entities, for soul is self-awareness. Even inanimate objects have soul, but it is dormant, with minimum self-awareness. Are AI there too already or is their mimicking of human awareness leading to actual self-awareness of Existence in AI form?
    Fun question to ponder! 🙂

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      Dear @deepakchopra , @aurorac , and community,

      First of all, a huge hug and thank you to Dr. Chopra for responding to my questions. I enjoy our discussions immensely. It helps with my spiritual research, to say the least – very much appreciated!

      Aurora…Yes! So well said, and really gets to the point where we come together in Oneness.

      Dr. Chopra helped me expand awareness on the concept of AI. I often think of expanding awareness as spiritual development or unfoldment. I haven’t yet given much consideration to how the brain adapts to these expansions. It was just something that struck me. Here are some notes from Dr. Chopra’s FB video on AI that opened my eyes to our infinite potential to assimilate what’s new to us, as follows:

      Consciousness is so malleable
      The brain itself is an experience in consciousness
      As we extend our range of experiences, our brains will adapt
      Our brains will give us the experience of the world we wanted
      You could be in multiple dimensions
      Spatial/temporal/multidimensional experiences in consciousness
      Expanding our range of experience through qualia
      We will enter a brave new world
      We’ll know ourselves as multidimensional beings in a multi-verse

      I was thinking, what would be a pure intention for creating artificial intelligence or a quantum computer? For example, I spend a lot of time in spiritual reading and research documenting evidence for the subjective realities as my one-pointed meditation practice. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a quantum computer with an amazing number of files with information about everything we have available with the ability to recognized soul identified brain wave patterns? The combination of soul recognition with infinite access to information may allow the computer to bring up soul identified material for that person/individual to read and learn more about the True Self, as they experience it. Could a computer be sensitive enough to detect subtle impulses from an individual to respond to the soul? Sort of a scaffolding for how to recognize our higher self in everything around us. Would this create artificial synchronicities? YATU!

      It’s a pleasure, as always, to hear from you and continue our experience of expansion on the discussion forum.

      Love always,

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Jennifer, isn’t the “quantum computer” you dream of already here? Isn’t all information available right now, and from that infinity, doesn’t every soul call on and download that which resonates with its particular patterns and evolutionary path? Isn’t that already the way it is?

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      Dear Aurora,

      Yes! The process is the same, so far as I can see so far. <3

      However, has humanity self-actualized to finding the true self everywhere one looks?

      Love, <3

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Jennifer, so, creating computers that do that would simply mean that the One creates one more thing through which to do all the doings which are its own. More diversity- that is the direction of creation! 🙂 Always fun, as long as the One knows itself as the One and Only behind it all.

      You ask “has humanity self-actualized to finding the true self everywhere one looks?”
      I guess the true self answers differently in its diversely localized points. From some locations, the answer will be a resounding YES, and that is the direction encouraged and represented on this forum!

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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear Jennifer ( @jenniferl ) thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Understanding Consciousness


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    When we think of technology, it usually doesn’t call to mind words like “religion,” “spirituality,” and “morality.” Miraculous as it can seem, technology is still thought of as cold steel, silicon wafers, and the engineering or code that makes it work — soulless machinery to the core.

    But as technology extends into every aspect of our lives, it will force us to confront core issues previously left to the purview of religion. For some, that change will be challenging.
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