Is the universe basically potentiality collapsed into thoughts

////Is the universe basically potentiality collapsed into thoughts

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    Vikram Chauhan
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    Hi Deepak, Menas,

    Aurora asked me to put the link of all questions I asked to the authors (I had put the questions without @question in the body). So I am putting the links here:

    Thanks a lot for answering my questions!

    Please see: All questions are in the links. I will be very grateful if you can answer them


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    Aurora Carlson
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    Hi Vikram, thank you so much for helping our moderation team keep track of the questions submitted to the authors by using @question in your text whenever you have questions directed to them. It will take a while until you receive an answer but your questions are now on the list. I hope you continue to explore and enjoy the forum and interacting with our community 🙂

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