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    Hello Deepak,

    i am wondering if the title of this website “”, is it because the aim is to have ‘cosmic consciousness stage’ as your other books often mention it, the 5th level of consciousness? Why not title it instead “discoveryourdivineself” (stage 6) or “discoveryourunityself” (stage 7)? or maybe i am mistaken?

    Then why you not talk about the Divine Consciousness state more? Or Miracle? Or Stage 6 in HTKG book. As in your book said also “once walked on water, that faith can cure cancer overnight” Do people in stage 7 automatically have so called ‘siddhis’ too? Then why i don’t see modern gurus doing siddhis? Isn’t it the proof is in the pudding is those? Some so called ‘magician’ seems able to do those. Like Jumping over a tree :p if they are really awaken from the dream

    this is a Q&A from your old website
    “Making Progress

    Question: How do you know (measure) if one is actually making progress toward becoming more soulful or enlightened or loving or whatever you may wish to call this state that so many of us are seeking or are at least looking toward?

    Answer: There are several signs. In the beginning there is more lightheartedness, laughter, carefreeness and a loss of worries. As one advances there are synchronistic experiences, then miracles and then a shift in cognitive and perceptual mechanisms so that there is the experience of domains of existence not easily available in our normal waking state. Ultimately, there is the experience of immortality and therefore the complete loss of the fear of death.”

    this is a quote from your other book
    “A shift in awareness does not require force. A person who has achieved the level of consciousness where siddhis are natural can breathe change into things as softly as you or I wish and dream, using no more energy than it takes to stir a thought.

    The basic principle here is that reality is different in different states of consciousness. If I see a tree in my dreams, I can jump over it or make it turn blue or fly over it into the sky. What gives me such powers is the dream state. If I had no other state of awareness to compare it to, the dream state would constitute the only reality I know and accept as valid.

    On waking up, I find that I cannot jump over a tree anymore, but why not? According to the rishis, what holds me back is not the tree but the arrival of waking-state consciousness. It has propelled me into a world that obeys different laws of nature.

    “You think that a dream tree is inside your head,” a rishi might argue, “while a real tree is outside you. But this notion can only occur to you after you wake up. As long s you are in your dream, the tree seems to be outside you, just as it is in a waking state.

    In truth, what you take to be the only ‘real’ tree should be called a waking-state tree. If you cannot jump over it, perhaps you need to wake up from waking. Then you would discover that this tree, too, was in your head.”

    Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).”

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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @mm , thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: Do We All Possess Supernormal Abilities?


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