Spiritual Journey for Finding Truth

////Spiritual Journey for Finding Truth

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    Hi all,

    I am deeply saddened again- after I went through my medical records. I know that -why I am aggressively fighting for truth that I experienced and experiencing.
    In 2016, I received omalizumab 150 mg, and I went unconscious and woke up at ER. Since then I started to experience PTSDs ( many to mention) and everything that is happening since the omalizumab injection to becoming target for twitter nerves-system hunter for love, compassion, and empathy.
    So here and now, I do not only want to benefit from ( spiritual journeys that I went to) but I want everybody to benefit from bad and good that happened to my life. Eating healthy and living happy is for ALL. It seems like not reasonable for those folks who did not experience NDE ( Near Death Experience) or went unconscious after receiving injection like I did. I want everybody live well.

    I am deeply saddened and confused with energy harvesting and misuse of certain drugs in the USA and abrouad. I believe it is good idea for all to experience spiritual journey for finding their truth ( universes) and inner wisdom without being questioned about religion, gender, and race. I DO sadly experience discrimination of race, gender, and also socioeconomic states based on who I AM.
    Ending this email with tears in my eyes. I know everybody deserves Love, Respect, and Justice.

    With lots of love,


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