One Giant Leap for Humankind

//One Giant Leap for Humankind

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    Inspired by Deepak’s response to my question about evolving our consciousness in time to save humanity or, as he phrases it, Becoming Meta Humans

    Finding our way to the future is fearsome.
    No roadmaps,nor sure sign posts.
    Life exacts the courage that we get up
    Every day and trace out a path
    Into the Unknown one uncertain step at a time,
    When what we’d really like is to
    Know how it will all turn out in advance. Or
    Hide beneath the covers and pray for the best.

    But there’s no promise to where our path
    Will take us. It holds only uncertainty that
    The ground will rise up to meet us in
    Territory so unfamiliar. Scary, the Unknown.
    It’s like the ancient cartographers
    Must have felt when they wrote,
    “Hic sunt dracones”— Here be dragons
    Who can singe us with one flame-throwing breath.

    But maybe they’re friendly dragons
    Awaiting our arrival, and using their fire–breath
    To roast corn and potatoes, to serve up
    A clam bake (Two if by sea) or a beef stew
    (One if by land). Or pizza, even.
    Edamus! — Let’s eat!
    But no, the dragons might take that wrong
    Come to think of it. Don’t eat us!

    The future is a tricky landscape
    Not for the faint of heart, although,
    Come to think of it, maybe the heart knows
    What the mind doesn’t (and isn’t there a Blaise Pascal
    Poem to that effect?) Hear that, oh, my heart!
    If we risk no leap today, tomorrow may never come.
    Will you come too? Together is better.
    Let us attune (atone? at one?). One-Two-Three…LEAP!

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