Overcoming Limited Perception in a Quantum Universe

////Overcoming Limited Perception in a Quantum Universe

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    In You are the Universe, the authors make the following assertion:

    The brain can be trained, and everyone’s brain has been. It accepts only the model of reality it was trained to accept. That’s why the worldview of a religious fundamentalist isn’t shaken by scientific facts – they simply don’t compute according to the model his brain accepts (Chopra & Kafatos 140).

    Einstein said, “No problem can be solved¬†from the same level of consciousness that created it.” So, how do we rise above the perceptions of a well trained, though potentially misguided mind? I’ll offer some of my thoughts, and look forward to your input, as I think this speaks to how we reach a “tipping point” to raise the consciousness of our planet. What can we do to help each other remember – even the most stubborn minds on our planet?

    There are four things which come to mind as follows (we can probably add to this list):

    1. Love one another
    2. Let Go
    3. Be
    4. Speak to the Soul

    While a great deal of time has been spent on the first three, number four doesn’t get talked about very often, but I think it’s essential to remember. What am I talking about, anyway?

    Speaking to the Soul, or Sounding is soulful knowing demonstrated in every action, feeling, and thought – whether we know to turn the other cheek in terms of peace or stand up to say what we were meant to in the face of adversity – even with our knees shaking! It’s the soul’s vibration when sent out, comes back as the soul’s response from the Universe by the Laws of Attraction.

    Some of the science behind this may include Quantum Entanglement Theory. In this theory, two photons demonstrate “spooky action at a distance.” Now, imagine this at the soul identified level, where we’re working together in oneness. What do you think may happen to a classically conditioned, albeit stubborn mind, when we’ve risen above classical conditioning to work with the soul before us; a work we’re able to do because we did the work within ourselves to overcome and rise above the classical conditioning of our own limited nature?

    To conclude, another quote from the authors:

    Posing a conscious universe where human life is the whole point cannot simply be another item added to the menu. Unique among competing theories in cosmology, the conscious universe excludes all unconscious ones. They just don’t have a reality, and we can’t even imagine their reality because it is not there! It’s as simple as that (Chopra & Kafatos 205).

    Your soul-inspired thoughts are appreciated!


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