Overcoming the Illusion of Thoughts

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    Shivansh Mahajan
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    Namaste Dr. Chopra,
    Lately, I have been able to understand the magnificence of cosmic consciousness and the power of true self. I am working to shape my life through this awareness. But one of the obstacles I frequently come across is the ‘physical mind’. Though I have always used my qualities of ‘thought’ and ‘contemplation’ to create things I desire in my life, I can now see myself identifying ‘myself’ with this physical mind. Obsessive thoughts that are linked with unnecessary anxiety seem to hold me back. Fortunately, meditation helps me to bring me into the beautiful experience of the ‘now’, yet later I find myself over-intellectualizing about my spiritual life as well.
    I know I am definitely more than my mind, and I am grateful that I am in pursuit of it (Thanks to you for playing a role there). But I am curious to know what you feel is important to overcome the illusion of ‘Obsessive Thoughts’ to keep one’s spiritual journey going? Any experiences would be really appreciated!

    With Love,
    Shivansh Mahajan

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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @shivansh , thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: How Do I Deal With Obsessive Thoughts and Addictive Patterns?


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    Shivansh Mahajan
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    Thank you so much @deepakchopra, for the motivation. I am definitely going to try cognitive therapy and also incorporate mantra into my meditation. Hoping to win over my mind and realize my true self.
    Gratitude to you!

    Shivansh (I pronounce it as ‘shivaansh’, haha!)

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