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    How is it we see the same thing
    A bunch of molecules
    Clumped together to make an object
    And we all perceive it as the same thing
    In that, we are sharing a vision
    That which cannot be denied
    In that we share a belief

    From the viewpoint of earth
    In the physical form
    We all see the same thing
    We all see from the same perspective

    We can all agree
    That the illusion appears real
    On all points
    Until it breaks down into tiny particles
    And crumbles away
    In the face of consciousness

    Much love, Krista

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    The universe is a hologram of identifiable objects which can be distinguished on the differences in their spatial orientation.
    Due to differences in orientation the objects can be classified into different states like solids,liquids gases or plasma.
    So the physical world is merely the arrangement of same elementary particles pulled together by gravitational forces and if we need to change the structure of a particle,the whole hologram has to be changed or vice-versa.
    Perceptions create our reality so does our reality changes or creates our perceptions.
    Consciousness can change our reality as a whole or on an individual level.
    Our continuous efforts to raise our consciousness help us draw things,circumstances and people in our lives.
    On a lowest level our perception is just as limited as six blind men trying to describe an elephant…while on the highest level there is no elephant but consciousness.
    We as humans are yet to evolve to reach that level but science has proved it repeatedly that “Everything is energy”but as living beings we have consciousness to feel,think and act which entirely depends on evolution.

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    I am the product of my culture
    The sum of my experiences
    And where I have breathed them
    I am one part me
    Plus one part you
    Together we create a fraction
    Of love and loneliness
    Of songs and sadness
    Of nature and pavement
    As we stroll along the sidewalk
    We comment on quirks
    Of language, dreams, and dress
    Though consciousness is
    The denominator
    Of our universe
    We are divided by mere perception
    And multiplied by love
    I am the product of my culture.

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    Let me take a stab…

    Perception is how “I” experience that which “I” created
    That which is of Me, by Me
    Through the collective “I” perceive
    “I” Know
    We Know
    We are
    I AM

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    Life is the classroom
    And we are endlessly learning
    Who we are

    At every turn
    There is an opportunity
    To see our true Self

    But if we are not paying attention
    We will miss these opportunities

    Be ever aware
    Of the spirit that surrounds you
    Of the soul within you

    So as not to lose sight
    Of who you are

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