All of Science is a Metaphor- Interview with ILFscience

////All of Science is a Metaphor- Interview with ILFscience

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    Deepak Chopra
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    I answer some questions raised in an interview with @IFLscience.
    Let me know what you think!


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    Lindsay Briner
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    Deepak, thank you again for this great discussion on how reality in constructed is consciousness. It is as if we are fish in the ocean attempting to describe the entire body of water we swim in. Yet, the terms we come up with to describe the experience of swimming, intrinsically removes us from the true sensation itself. I love your comment on how nature will only reveal herself based on the questions we ask, such as the scientific method is formulated on research questions. I feel your YATU book will be a leading inspiration to help scientists flip the script of the questions we are asking so that we, as a society, may begin to adopt the systems of thought that in actuality bring us away from thought itself, and deeper into the sensations of beings and deeper into nature itself, more truthfully. Thank you! This discussion reminded me of an interesting quote by the infamous Erwin Schrödinger,

    “Science is a game—but a game with reality, a game with sharpened knives … If a man cuts a picture carefully into 1000 pieces, you solve the puzzle when you reassemble the pieces into a picture; in the success or failure, both your intelligences compete. In the presentation of a scientific problem, the other player is the good Lord. He has not only set the problem but also has devised the rules of the game? But they are not completely known, half of them are left for you to discover or to deduce. The experiment is the tempered blade which you wield with success against the spirits of darkness—or which defeats you shamefully. The uncertainty is how many of the rules God himself has permanently ordained, and how many apparently are caused by your own mental inertia, while the solution generally becomes possible only through freedom from its limitations.”

    Much Love,

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    Thank u Dr.Deepak!!
    Sir!! I’d apologize for being very simplistic in my approach but according to my basic science books the entire scientific process can be summarized in the following steps:-
    3.Formulation of a hypothesis
    4.Testing the hypothesis
    5.Retesting the hypothesis till it becomes a theory.
    The theory when tested over and over again becomes the law.

    We as human being have two sided brains..
    The left brain works upon the logic which is basically nothing but learning through comparision and examples or say metaphors.
    The right brain is intuitive and works in communion with the same logical or left sided brain but carries experiences and is the storehouse of the wisdom.
    The best part about the right brain is it’s intuition which is nothimg but the reason in action.
    It’s transient action is crucial in making decisions for which we rationalise later on.
    Coming back to the scientific advancements the first theory often becomes obsolete in the years to come because it is the first idea propogated or a child playing with some object mistaking it as a toy.
    When he grows up,he compares the same object with others to make sense of it.
    In the latter stages the idea becomes more philosophical and the very object becomes the miniature of life or universe…
    In the same way the theory becomes advanced overtime and conclusions derived from other theories are coming to a common concept or the hottest discussion today.i.e….THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.
    All abstract concepts from the various branches of science like philosophy,metaphysics,alchemy and the particle physics alongwith the evolutionary biology can only help create one or the entire efforts of designing this theory will go into futility.

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Hello Deepesh, a warm welcome to the forum! 🙂

      Thank you for your outline of the scientific process. To me, that is the way the human intellect works.

      But I wonder if you have ever questioned the tenet of physicalist science, which says that the brain does certain things. You describe it in terms of the brain working on logic and being the source of intuition and wisdom. I know it is a very usual point of view taught in schools of medicine, but if you have read You Are the Universe you might know that the authors, Drs Chopra and Kafatos, propose an entirely different point of view.

      They say something that to me is obvious: that the brain is an object in consciousness and not the source of consciousness. The brain is not the source of wisdom, logic, intuition or anything else. Consciousness is the source. The brain is like the radio broadcasting the symphony, but the music and composer is consciousness itself.

      Intuition, I would say, is having access to non-local awareness, which gives us knowledge of “everything at once”. Depending on our particular focus, this information coming from the wholeness-level guides our actions in a much better way than the limited knowledge which comes from the logical, linear function of reason.

      I would not say that the brain does any of this. The brain is a symbolic representation of consciousness and not a source of consciousness.

      Have you ever considered this perspective, of consciousness as primary?

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    Thank you…!!
    The brain is merely an object here and the word is not be taken literally…
    Even the mind is just an instrument which produces thoughts…
    The topic was about science so I had to take it into strict scientific terms although the whole explanation was very incomplete without holistic analysis….
    Wisdom is not even a function of a subconscious mind which is merely a bank of senses and experiences ..
    The superconscious mind(as explained by the new age scientists/metaphysicians or psychologists) is the Creator in the process.

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Oh, thank you Deepesh, I see that you are not caught in the brain as source myth 🙂 I think it’s important that we start to change the way we talk about these things… as you know many scientists take everything literally and when they say that the brain does this and that, they actually believe that 🙂 It can get as absurd as them having a conversation with your brain, believing you and they themselves are a randomly talking, walking brain. I never know how to respond to such without laughing…

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    Education interfering with learning!!
    True learning never happens in colleges…
    Learning too much dissipates ur ability to think…

    Any man who thinks a little and reads a lot is likely to fall in the lazy habits of thinking.
    ~Albert Einstein~

    The only thing which interferes with my learning is the education.
    ~Albert Einstein~
    Education is like a box….The more degrees you get,the more boxes u draw…
    Thinking outside the box requires the brain of a quack rather than a degree holder..Education makes a person egoistic and sophisticated just like a closed system exchanging no energy and information.

    Iam an MBBS doctor preparing for specialization but Iam not sure if Iam ready to undergo through the rigorous selection process for something which I don’t find worth the efforts.
    It’s like enjoying the rat race only to end up in a trap created by the system…????????

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Haha, you’re funny Deepesh… and a voice in me agrees COMPLETELY but another tells me to take it easy and not build boxes, not even between “us boxless quacks” and “them boxed-in mainstream doctors”.
      I am, after all, not the quack (yes, I’ve worked as a healer for many years) but the entire Universe. Mainstream doctors included! 🙂

      The big question for me, as I move forward on my path, is if I can continue to participate and learn about all these boxes, without falling into them. In your case- look at Deepak. He is a doctor and knows all that stuff, but he is also a healer and knows all this other stuff. Maybe our role is not to abandon ship but to help the boxed-in ones out? This is what I’ve been trying to do. Not sure if it’s working 😀

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