Readers Ask: Are We Immortal?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @jenniferl, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Jennifer!


    “How do we account for our immortal nature, in form?”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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    Dear @deepakchopra

    Thank you, Deepak, for this video answering my question on the forum. Today I received a confirmation for our discussion as a synchronized event. While my husband and I sat in the Cancer Clinic at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento this afternoon (my husband has cancer), the lobby television was broadcasting a story about a woman who had a near death experience. She was clinically dead for ten minutes. When she awoke, she had an amazing spiritual awakening story to share about her journey. I think these anecdotal stories of NDEs help to comprise a body of evidence for our immortal nature, too. It was uplifting to hear her story and relate it to our discussion.

    My husband has a serious and rare form of sinus cancer which has gone into the brain. He’s currently undergoing chemo and radiation. It has been difficult to watch him go through his journey since his diagnosis in February.

    I greatly appreciate this forum for the joy, love, light, deeply penetrating discussions, and laughter! It helps to focus on and demonstrate the highest knowledge of the self possible, even when faced with a family crisis, in order to demonstrate balance.

    Sending love and light to all,
    JenniferL <3

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      Hi @jenniferl

      Sorry to hear about your husband. Wishing he gets well soon.

      Hug and much love, Krista

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Jennifer, I am so glad that you got a synchronistic confirmation of the truths you are functioning from. I am so sorry for the challenge you and your husband are going through, but am inspired by the brightness of your spirit, shining through it all. Thank you for demonstrating what you are, and thank you for your bright, loving and joyful presence on the forum, you inspire us all! Sending love and wishes for the highest outcome!

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