Readers Ask: Can We Become Meta Humans Fast Enough?

////Readers Ask: Can We Become Meta Humans Fast Enough?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @robin, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Robin!


    “I am reading this chapter about design with interest. As a student steeped in the work, invention, design, and thinking of Leonardo da Vinci, the maestro’s Vitruvian man was indeed a clue to find perfection in Nature through the human body–his squaring the circle around the Universal Man was a brilliant solution that sages from the time of Vitruvius had failed to find. Thus, geometry becomes “sacred geometry,” connecting Man to the Eternal. Similarly, the harmonia mundi, Kepler’s euphoric declaration that the “angels sing” through the harmonies of the world (and the world’s harmonies) on discovering planetary motion. As you suggest, ultimately, the search for perfection and beauty is not just the domain of poets and painters, but of science and sages, citizens and saints. It seems like it is a yearning of humankind to find what is God-like in us and our world.

    But we, as a world, are so out-of-harmony with the music of the angels, or the better angels of our nature. At the behavioral level, I am curious to know whether you think humans also seek to emulate, or act out the instructions, of God/Consciousness/Oneness/Ein Sof? As modulations of Consciousness in human form, we act out impulses based on our conditioning and programming–or what Deepak calls karma. Before conditioning, before time, before we are the descendants of ancestors who have experienced trauma, war, displacement and also beauty, love, pleasure, don’t some of these instructions derive from Universal Consciousness itself? Have these patterns in homo sapiens been overwritten or hacked through eons of evolution so they no longer reflect our cosmic origins? And are we so disconnected from the original programming–our divinity–that we are sowing the seeds for our own destruction?

    This seems like such a pessimistic view of how we are currently playing out our programming in our world, and I am not a pessimist. But I can’t help but see the patterns of destruction that are at the fore of our world right now. It seems to me that we are at a juncture where we can either somehow engineer in ourselves an enormous evolutionary leap forward, or destroy humanity in hopes that Human 2.0 or some other next-generation form may arise in harmonia mundi to advance our place in Oneness with All That Is.

    Maybe the growing consciousness that we are the Universe is enough, fast enough, viral enough a message that we can save our place here. I can see that the time is now for such an evolution in consciousness. And if there are enough of us here and in the nonlocal universe who understand that we have agency (I almost miss-typed “angelcy”), can we make that leap together?”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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    Thank you, Deepak. I love what you say here.

    I have been hearing a lot of fear in this forum. I have felt it myself, of course. We are moving into uncharted waters in these challenging times. To become a Meta Human is a leap of evolution and faith.

    It seems that we are not just freeing ourselves from limitations of the past, but inventing the future, a feat that may require some reassurances, as we move from the known to an unknown world. Deepak’s response inspired me to write this poem, to reflect the changes, challenges and, yes, hope, for what lies ahead.

    [Image: (not showing up) A globe engraved on an ostrich egg, dated 1504, has emerged as perhaps the oldest known globe to include the New World.]

    Remember the Morrow
    by Robin Stevens Payes, 2017

    Inventing the future is fearsome.
    No roadmaps,
    Nor sure sign posts.
    Life exacts the courage to get up
    Every day and trace our one
    Uncertain step at a time
    When what you’d really like is to
    Know how it will all turn out in advance.

    But that’s not what the future holds.
    It holds only uncertainty that the
    Ground will even hold in
    Territory so unfamiliar.
    It’s like the ancient cartographers
    Must have felt when they wrote,
    “Hic sunt dracones”—Here be dragons
    Who can singe us with one flame-throwing breath.

    But maybe they’re friendly dragons
    Awaiting your arrival and using their fire–breath
    To roast corn and potatoes, to serve up
    A clam bake (Two if by sea) or a beef stew
    (One if by land). Or pizza, even.
    Edamus! — Let’s eat!
    But no, the dragons might take that wrong
    Come to think of it. Don’t eat us!

    The future is a tricky landscape
    Not for the faint of heart, although,
    Come to think of it, maybe the heart knows
    What the mind doesn’t (and isn’t there a Blaise Pascal
    Quote to that effect?) Hear that, heart!
    Risking no leap today, tomorrow may never come.
    Attune (atone? at one?), with awareness
    Be fearless! Remember the morrow.

    [Also available on my blog:

    Of course, I am a writer, so creating this poem helps ground me in tuning out my fear and tapping into the knowing that there is a higher purpose and plan. I wonder whether writing, or another creative endeavor (drawing, doodling, singing, dancing) is useful to others on the forum? What modalities do you invoke to get out of your head and into your meta-human self? @aurorac @jenniferl @lindzyb, @ziewat, et al.

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