Readers Ask: Do Atoms and Cells Embody Consciousness?

////Readers Ask: Do Atoms and Cells Embody Consciousness?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by Jennifer L, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Jennifer!


    “In You Are the Universe, you state, ‘your brain isn’t listening to the Beatles, you are (p. 197).’

    While it is understood that the ‘you’ listening is the individual consciousness; may it also be said that the atoms which comprise the cells of the brain also embody consciousness and some form of conscious awareness?

    Do cells, embodying the same conscious entity which is embodied in oneself, have latent individualization and experience their own universe? Do they repeat a pattern in a lesser cycle, the same which is experienced by the human being on a higher turn of the spiral?”

    Please watch my answer and let me know what you think!


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    Dear Dr. Chopra,

    Thank you! Your loving presence is immeasurable; your timing impeccable.

    Inarguably, Oneness. I appreciate the reminder of the One Consciousness.

    Referring to the free-agent or individual with free-will, what we commonly think of as a separated identity, MUST be included in the concept of Oneness. For instance, we can experience psychic phenomenon in consciousness as a simultaneous activity – i.e., spooky action at a distance – where two people report experiencing similar thoughts, dreams, visions. This has happened on this forum.

    What do you think? How do we include the individual conscious unit, in terms of the greater whole? Yes, we’re One and in greater or lesser cycles in appearance, illusory in construct, finite in meaning. How we’re able to work with the energy of the Whole… is by analogy… through the concept of Oneness… and at the soul identified level… something I believe you’re familiar with.

    It’s the concept of Oneness I’m trying to expand upon, which encompasses the definition of “illusion” to some extent, to include All expressions of the One consciousness behind it all – brain cells included. ;P

    The illusion is that we were ever limited to the form, so far as I understand it, so far…not that we ultimately give up our identity as the One Conscious Being…however, this is developed individually and is included in the Greater Whole you speak of.

    Help me out with this one…how do we remain identified as free-agents in the age of Oneness?

    Love and Light,
    Jennifer 🙂 <3

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