Readers Ask: Does Creative Interactivity Enhance Emergence?

////Readers Ask: Does Creative Interactivity Enhance Emergence?

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    The question was asked by @jenniferl, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Jennifer!


    “Atoms come together to create the body naturally, with creative intent.

    Perhaps this analogy can be expanded to include the networking of people, particularly in business, where, let’s say, one is soul identified and recognizes choice-less awareness. Namely, doors open and you meet people naturally; sincerely, going within to do the spiritual work and remaining soul identified brings this about; so that, networking flows automatically from the soul’s inspiration.

    What do we want to remember in order to live in such a state of awareness, where one can profit from the opportunities which come in synchronicity? ❤

    My @question is inspired by Deepak’s interview today with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan and the book, YATU (pgs. 172-173).”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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