Readers Ask: How Was the Universe Born?

////Readers Ask: How Was the Universe Born?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @vikram-chauhan, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Vikram!


    “I am trying to understand the birth of the “universe”. Following happened that led to the birth of the universe –

    0. There is only universal conciousness
    1. Universal conciousness had infinite potentialities of concious thoughts
    2. Universal conciousness collapsed the potentialities into one concious thought
    3. The universal conciousness still existed and the concious thought still existed
    4. The concious thought again collapsed potentialities in the concious thought into another concious thought
    5. Both the concious thoughts multiplied, and the conciousness increased
    6. And thus started the evolution of consciousness until it reached human consciousness- and the human consciousness could sometimes reach the universal consciousness (by self introspective meditation)

    Is my line of thinking correct here?”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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    Vikram Chauhan
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    Thank you Deepak. A very insightful answer. You are my spiritual teacher and I have learnt many things from you. And this video is a great learning in it self. I understood most of it, and I will watch it again and again until I grasp each and every word of it.

    Thanks again!

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