Readers Ask: Is Cosmic Intelligence Good or Bad?

////Readers Ask: Is Cosmic Intelligence Good or Bad?

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    Menas Kafatos

    Question to Menas Kafatos:

    When spiritual or religious teachers speak of God/cosmic consciousness, they usually associate with them love, compassion, equanimity, mercy, peace, creativity, etc.

    I wish it is true but, to be honest, aren’t we projecting human feelings onto “something” that is so much beyond what we can grasp.

    What if God/cosmic consciousness is also made of negativity and malevolence? Why couldn’t they be?

    I know this question may be challenging.

    Many thanks for your time and your work.


    It is a challenging question but very valid nevertheless. The first Law or Principle of the Universe that has come out of the extended quantum view of the universe and described in You Are the Universe is Complementarity, also known as Integrated Polarity: The opposites make the whole. Yin and Yang, up and down, object and subject, dark and light, etc. The Universe comes out of universal Love. Yet, we humans have choices and some choose darkness over light. We cannot blame God or Universal Consciousness for human actions, human thoughts and human responsibility. And what might seem negative or destructive to some, may not be to others. Can one say that an earthquake is “bad”? It is a tremor of the Earth. What this phenomenon does to humans, involves human actions, such as poor planning of buildings. I know this may sound naive but consider that perhaps infinite Wisdom rules the universe.

    It is a challenging question and for now, I urge everyone to ponder the issues involved. Perhaps a new understanding will emerge.


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