Readers Ask: Is Instant Manifestation Possible?

////Readers Ask: Is Instant Manifestation Possible?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @lilianna-deveneau, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Lilianna!


    “I also had a question regarding how formlessness becomes form.

    In the video above, you describe how this vibration becomes qualities of consciousness, including form, through its own self-interaction.

    Also, on page 34 of YATU, you write, ‘The subatomic particles that the cosmos is built upon wink in and out of existence continually. Like a cosmic on/off switch, there is a mechanism that turns nothing (the so-called vacuum state) into a teeming ocean of physical objects.’

    This thought is continued on pg 35 with, ‘In unimaginably small scales of time, vibrations of quanta come out of emptiness and quickly merge back into emptiness, but this quantum on/off cycle is totally invisible to us.’

    Have you heard of apports (described as the paranormal phenomenon of the sudden transference or manifestation of an article, i.e. newspaper, jewelry, etc.) and do you think they may be related to both self-interaction (consciousness) and quantum vibrations?”

    I welcome your comments!


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    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough response! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful conference at OSU; I am actually a proud Buckeye! I found the people and campus to be equally beautiful, and hope that was your experience as well.

    Isn’t it fascinating how science continues to reflect science fiction and also how science continues to prove the efficacy of ancient remedies? The “why” of what traditions have known for thousands of years is being explained in new ways. Both, of course, are examples of the conscious interaction with the self, though it’s humbling to realize in just how many forms this can occur! It would make sense, then, that as technology continues to expand in body what we’ve already begun to explore in the mind, we as a species shall continue to find unprecedented ways in which to interact with our conscious self, opening the doors to what previous generations could hardly imagine. Potentially (eventually) solving the “hard problem of consciousness” can serve as an illustration of this!

    I appreciated your statements linking modified forms of perception to the same phenomenon, as seen in YATU (creativity, thought, sense perceptions, our self). Sometimes the simplest concepts are both the hardest to grasp and have the most profound impacts on our lives; understanding that we are the universe—modified forms of perception—and the very tangible impacts of such a revelation are perfect examples.

    Something else in the video resonated with me. You stated, “if we could reduce ourselves to the quantum state then ultimately keep the memory of the form alive in the nonlocal state, then theoretically we could transport to another galaxy a billion light-years away through teleportation and over there the formless would become form again.” Do you think perhaps this formlessness, with its encapsulated memory of the formed self, could describe what some call spirits or ghosts? Maybe this provides an answer to what happens to that energy, those memories, the self, once the physical body has died, since energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

    Finally, thank you for the texts you mentioned. I’ve only begun to explore ancient Indian literature, and the “Yoga Vasistha” is now on my reading list!

    Contemplating the vastness of possibility available through cosmic consciousness is truly profound. Thanks for being so invested in the journey!

    Light and love,

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