Readers Ask: Is the Universe Made out of What We Want?

////Readers Ask: Is the Universe Made out of What We Want?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @elviragherman, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Elvira!


    “Namaste from Romania! Dear dr. Deepak Chopra, I have been waching your live videos every day for one year and I am fascinated by your brilliant mind, your energy, your wisdom and your kindness. I have also read 7 of your books, including “You are the Universe” and I can say you have changed my life. I am grateful for this.

    Now, I have a question for you and if you consider it interesting, please answer. On page 111 you wrote that simple observation causes wave function to collapse… ”The Universe is made of what we want it to show us.”

    So, each of us is perceiving the same reality differently? In other words, each of us creates his own reality?

    Thank you!”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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    Thank you, @deepakchopra, for another insightful video! I love your terms “intersubjective human experience” and “overcoming the superstition of matter!” The observer problem has always seemed an obvious “elephant in the room” that many choose to either ignore, dismiss, or take for granted, as you speak of within this response. This is one reason I was pulled from the “hard sciences” of biology and chemistry into the “social sciences,” where one can be a researcher/observer and discuss how one’s subjectivity ultimately influences the data (if not the studied event in itself, as Planck discusses!). That is why I am so excited about the call you and @menask make regarding the need to usher in qualia science, for no matter how “objective” a researcher may be, ultimately the split breaks down until we see separation for its illusion. I’m thrilled to see how this concept will manifest in our beautiful world as we continue to explore and comprehend consciousness! Thank you both for such prolific, fascinating discussions!!

    Light and love,

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