Readers Ask: The Future of Humanity and the Earth

////Readers Ask: The Future of Humanity and the Earth

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    This question may be beyond our ability to know but I feel is worth pondering:
    Similar to Deepak’s asking what came before the big bang – I’d like to ponder what comes after our Sun fades into oblivion and life as we know it ceases on earth. It is cosmic beyond human thought dimensions to know that there are billions, if not trillions of galaxies and to ponder what universes and forms may exist beyond our very limited human capacity to explore.

    As a species, we are understandably mostly fixated with the human demands of the here and now. But ‘knowing and being’ conscious of the deeper, timeless, miraculous truth of our One true Self, really gifts an unlimited sense of a boundless, eternal, magical cosmos with as infinite a variety of galaxies and planets as there are an almost infinite variety of life forms on this tiny Earth.

    The vast, timeless, unlimited nature and power of Source that is evident in the billions of years evolution of the miracle planetary home we share blows the little human mind beyond it’s thought capacity to fully understand – but somewhere deep within, we hold unlimited knowings that directly relate to ‘being the self knowledge’ of the ridiculously totally unlimited creating power of everything that we indeed are. Every step that takes us closer to living from that ‘knowing and being’ is more powerful than every collective human thought ever experienced combined and pondering that ‘now’ excites me more than words on here can aptly convey.

    Welcome any thoughts…Namaste


    What you say is true. As to the future of the Earth when the Sun becomes a red giant, that is expected to be billions of years into the future. Who knows? If we have managed to survive and not self-annihilate all human lives and higher species, we may indeed fulfill our destiny of higher purpose and conscious evolution. We indeed need to go beyond the present and ponder the future evolution. But we primarily need to live the present, fully and consciously.


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