Readers Ask: What Happens After Death?

////Readers Ask: What Happens After Death?

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    Menas Kafatos

    Question to Menas Kafatos:

    How do we know that the state of undergoing nothingness/nonexistence/oblivion/ nonbeing after death is infinite in duration – what demands one would never start existing again randomly out of nothing? In the same way the universe has been stated as plausibly coming out of nothing. What is prohibitory to a self/connectome coming into existence again if we can’t be aware of all the possible ways infinity will express itself?

    For instance, perhaps this Boltzmann’s Brain type recurrence could happen during the infinity after the heat death of the universe. Heat death equilibrium may not actually come to pass (physicist Sean Carroll has verbalized how it’s not a guarantee the Big Freeze will occur on his blog) and some other fate of the universe could be, allowing unknown possibilities. Additionally, we don’t know if the universe has always existed or if it had a beginning (Again, expressed by Sean Carroll in his newest book).

    Random fluctuations of vacuum energy after the heat death of the universe could pop a universe into existence or pop your atomic arrangement/neuronal configuration into existence, allowing the chance of you reoccurring. With a universe that’s infinite in spacial and temporal extent, everything that’s physically possible for it happens an infinity of times. So maybe there’s not an eternal oblivion, but a temporary oblivion for us after we die (and before we were born).


    Good questions and good points. We really don’t know the future of the universe or for that matter our future. Some people refer to reincarnation, coming back again and again to experience more conditions that a single life could not hold. Others believe that death is eternal oblivion. Others believe that good actions take one to heaven, etc. What is most important is to live a good life in the sense of not harming others and assisting for the upliftment of humanity and all beings on Earth. If one lives that way, then when the time of death arrives, one will not have regrets. Then whatever follows will be for the best.

    The universe came out of the quantum vacuum and to it will return. Yes, all possible outcomes may eventually be realized. In infinite cycles of time.


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