Readers Ask: What Is Self-Realization? How Do We Get There?

////Readers Ask: What Is Self-Realization? How Do We Get There?

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    The question was asked by @jenniferl, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Jennifer!


    “If everything is a modification of consciousness or the true self, then how can that self be known? Isn’t the goal of humanity self-awareness? And, to what extent can we become self-aware?”

    As always, your comments are welcome!


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    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for responding to my question with such clarity of vision and sweeping hope for the future of humanity, as we realize there is more to our being than meets the senses.

    Upon revisiting the book, You are the Universe, I opened the following passage:

    “We may assume that we are in control of our responses to the world, but that’s far from the case. If two people can see the same thing and have opposite reactions, their responses are controlling them, not the other way around (YATU: 141).”

    I had a thought come to me earlier today while I was meditating, where you and I were sitting on a bench on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean at the sunset. Later, I opened the book, You Are the Universe, to find the following passage:

    “Human experience is the last thing anyone should want to exclude when explaining the cosmos. Let’s see if we can acquire a vocabulary of inclusion. Reality is all-inclusive, without a doubt, and almost miraculously, human beings can embrace an infinite variety of what reality has to offer. Where is the switching mechanism that decides to gaze at a gorgeous sunset while ignoring the texture of the ground beneath your feet, or indulging in the touch of a beloved while totally shutting out what the furniture in the room looks like? We do these things so automatically that we take them for granted. The critical issue is what it means to experience the world (YATU: 211).”

    “Embracing an infinite variety” indeed, keeping an open mind to the splendor and infinite possibilities of the universe, while at the same time paying attention to signposts; whereby, one may find the indicated next step of unfoldment. In the words of Lao-tzu (passage: 48):

    In the pursuit of knowledge,
    every day something is added,
    In the practice of the Tao,
    every day something is dropped.
    Less and less do you need to force things,
    until finally you arrive at non-action.
    When nothing is done,
    nothing is left undone.

    True mastery can be gained
    by letting things go their own way.
    It can’t be gained by interfering.

    This passage affirms for me when you said (to paraphrase) that spontaneity of expression is interfered with
    by a limited number of experiences, we identify with.

    Truly, had I limited my awareness to my physical environment I would have missed the beautiful sunset with one of my well loved and favorite spiritual teachers, the synchronized event confirming this experience in the passage of his book! And, I would have missed the validation for the talk given in response to one of my questions on this forum! We are greater than what we think, see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. And, there is design in the universe where our extra-sensory abilities can be known and counted upon, as I’ve witnessed here and in many other occasions besides this one.

    What is the next step? How do we know to recognize it when it’s being given to us? @question

    Love, light, warmest blessings, and always with the deepest gratitude for all you do and all that you are!

    Thank you!!

    <3 JenniferL

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    Dear @Deepak,

    The word “relationship” stood out for me as I listened to your explanation of Buddha’s Wheel of Awareness. I thought of this word’s universal application to indicate all relationships, in all phases of life, even beyond the physical into the cosmic reaches of our awareness. I often ask myself (or rather, God), ‘what’s the relationship?’

    The work, so far as I’ve experienced it, is one of relating or relationships. So often, when I’m doing spiritual reading, I’m looking at synchronicities or the relationships between events and the common thread that brings it all together. To help us use a common language, I understand so far that the common thread is the continuity of consciousness seen woven throughout all experiences. When worked with consciously, in my experience so far, aids in spiritual unfoldment.

    Today, I continued to work with this discussion and had the following reading come through for us (I hope it’s okay to share this here.):

    Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Alice Bailey: 338-339

    42. By one-pointed meditation upon the relationship existing between the body and the akasha, ascension out of matter (the three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained.

    The akasha is everywhere. In it we live and move and have our being. All is but one substance, and in the human body are found the correspondences to the various differentiations.

    When a man knows himself, and is aware of the relationship existing between the energies working through the seven centres and the seven states of matter and consciousness, then he is liberated and free and can contact at will and without time limitations all those states. There is a relation between one of the seven states of matter and one or other of the centres; through each one of the centres is the door to a certain plane of the planetary spheres. When the disciple has worked out into his life in correct realization the various means of yoga dealt with in the previous books, certain keys and knowledge, certain words and formulas, can be entrusted to him which will, through concentrated meditation give him the freedom of the heavens and the right to pass through certain gateways into the Kingdom of God.

    There’s always a moment in doing this work where it seems so familiar as if to say, ‘Of course, I knew that!” At the same time, there’s a recognition for what’s new to the witnessing awareness and a sudden “ah-ha” moment: the knower, the knowable, and the knowing. Spiritual reading can make it seem like a person is a “know it all”. And, it’s true, according to what I’ve come to know so far through my spiritual practice; we do know it all. It’s a question of how to bring it forth for our understanding and right use, which is a very in the moment kind of practice. Never meant to say, I know something more than you do, as you know, is an attachment to limited experience. It’s rather a flow of energy – what’s brought through – where two or more come together.

    There’s also a moment in doing this work when we realize doors open and we meet people.

    Love and Deepest Gratitude for coming together on this forum!
    <3 JenniferL

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