Readers Ask: What is the Mystery of Memory?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by Mary A. Goetsch, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Mary!


    “What determines which seeds of memory will gain new life (conception) in some future time?
    Is the Universe random, somewhat dependent upon emergent collective consciousness, or totally another higher power design?
    I am limiting this to three choices for sake of simplicity.”

    Please watch the video and let me know what you think!


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    Mary A Goetsch
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    Beautiful! It is accomplishment of infinite order to explain the hard problem of consciousness in less than 15 minutes. And, Deepak did it! The key phrase is, “the various types of memory (declarative, procedural, genetic….) are mysterious because there is not a “place” (location) for it. It is neural correlates, which exist everywhere as possibility until “chosen” or localized. In the scale of evolution, we gained procedural memory seeds for the sake of survival.” Paraphrased.
    In my reading, I know of the Rupert Sheldrake experiments on the crystallization process. When inorganic material re-crystallizes, it is quicker the second and successive times. This is a type of memory, even for non-living things.
    In forensic science, it is known about “false memory.” The declarative memory can and does change upon conscious re-collection of those memory seeds.
    This makes wonderful sense and I love you, Deepak!
    It is my guess that your theory entitled, “cosmic consciousness,” will become a mainline theory taught in schools within 20 years, the normal development time in education. How thought influences reality is the meat of it, the chapters for the students to master as knowledge.

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    Lindsay Briner
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    Great question with a beautiful answer! Thank you Deepak and Mary!

    I especially enjoyed Deepak’s seamless description of how memory is nonlocal and we can free ourselves of karma by becoming more self-aware of patterns stored in our memory. I once heard him speak on a similar topic, the law of karma, also known as the law of cause and effect. He described that we can wake up from unconscious / toxic choices and behaviors that we are suck in by cultivating an ability to observe them, and make note. Then, when the pattern rises again, we can pause and ask -is this choice really serving me? It is that moment when we are self-aware of the freedom to choose, a cultivation of responsibility, that offers an opportunity to transmute the pattern for healing. This process accelerates when we meditate often, and then we are able to transcend these patterns and re-create a new story. This is when we begin to live in Dharma, rather than karma.

    I think the key here is self-awareness. When we become more and more self-aware, evolution occurs faster because we can transcend karma faster. Which is why meditation is crucial!

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