Readers Ask: What Is Your View on Reincarnation?

////Readers Ask: What Is Your View on Reincarnation?

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    The question was asked by @angela, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Angela!


    “I have long wished to have your opinion on the subject of past lives and past-life regressions. I would like to know where this all fits into the new paradigm. I have been a long-time believer in reincarnation and at least for the moment, I still believe that portions of the soul (focused attention/directed consciousness) move in-and-out of form for the sake of experience and evolution. Otherwise, we would not be here right now sharing conversations. Right?

    While pursuing my interest in spiritual matters, I became a past-life regressionist. However, my thoughts about what is actually occurring during these sessions have changed significantly over the years. While some cases may, in fact, be actual lifetimes previously experienced, in most cases, I suspect that what people are really ‘tapping into’ is the ‘collective consciousness’, particularly if everything is actually occurring NOW – where the past, present, and future all cumulate.

    Between myself and my clients, we have ‘experienced’ being everything from a ray of sunshine to a drop of morning dew falling from a plant leaf; a seashell swishing on a shoreline; a rock, a tree, an animal, and nearly everything imaginable. We have found ourselves as various people living in various time periods and cultures on various continents, etc. The experiences feel very real, sometimes ‘more real’ than this life feels. So how can we interpret this? What is actually occurring during past-life-regression hypnosis sessions?

    Any thoughts or possible explanations you may have to offer will be deeply appreciated. Other people on this forum are welcome to share their opinions as well.”

    Please watch my answer and let me know what you think!


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