Readers Ask: When Did You Realize That You Are Consciousness?

////Readers Ask: When Did You Realize That You Are Consciousness?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by Krista, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Krista!


    “Was there a defining moment in your life when you realized you were consciousness? Or was it an accumulation of all that you learned during your life, and all those that came before you, that brought you to that state?”

    I would love to read your comments!


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    Is it that science has it backwards? Could subconscious be the real state of being and our ‘awake conscious’ as we know it be the real subconscious. We all need sleep to survive ‘life’ as we know it, to be in space/time in form to experience. What if it were the other way around and we needed to be in space/time to not be formless, if that makes sense.
    My mom passed over 3 years ago. She did not believe in death, she believed the conscious survives & she also believed in reincarnation. Since her death she has strongly proved to me she survived death & is still very much aware. I also have constant dreams of her as well. The reason for my question…. For the past 3 years in my dreams she spends a lot of time trying to convince me that the subconscious state is the real reality. She has helped me be aware when I’m asleep, that I’m not in space/time, I’m formless and I’m in the same place that everyone goes when they ‘die’. I almost feel more aware over there in subconscious dream state, then I do in this awake state. I don’t need to be convinced I feel she is right, but it’s much better getting validation or clarification in space/time 🙂 I’m am convinced that the perception of science is backwards when it comes to consciousness. We are not the drop in the ocean, we are the mighty ocean in the drop.

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    Menas Kafatos
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    Excellent points! Yes, we have it “backwards” when we take the physical as it appears in our sensory system to be the reality, all there is. Even from the point of view of “classical science” it makes no sense. Our sensory system, in traditional science, was developed for survival. We have eyes that are mostly sensitive in the yellow-green part of the spectrum because it is in that wavelength region that the Sun emits its maximum radiation and also the Earth’s atmosphere (although not the only region) is transparent. If we lived around a red dwarf star (as I am sure there are countess such cases in the universe), human-type of eyes would be useless. We would need eyes that “see” in the red-infrared part of the spectrum!

    So why we take a sense-based reality as all there is? And we call it”external”? Very strange.

    What might be the case is that we have, as alleged, four bodies. The transcendental body is the “body” of the Self. It is the one that is eternal and survives death. The other three bodies are the physical, the subtle (body of the dream state), and the causal (body of the deep sleep, dreamless, state). In that order they are furthest from the transcendental body, the physical being the furthest, the causal, the closest. The subconscious reality is indeed closest to the Self, if we identify “subconscious” to be the causal state. So your mother is right and she is right to be gently pushing you in that direction from the “other side”. But it is still not the turiya (transcendental) state (and, by the way, there are even more subtle states wherein one becomes or experiences in ascending order more and more universal Awareness, until all there is is undivided Existence with no content of “the other”.

    You want to reach the apex of human evolution, the dissolving of the false ego which identifies with the body and the (human) mind. Your mother experienced (as we all do but don’t remember so we deny it) reincarnation. But she is now aware! And you are lucky to have such mother. Continue on this awareness and don’t mind what (ignorant) people may tell you. You are on the right path!


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