Readers Ask: Where Does God Fit In?

////Readers Ask: Where Does God Fit In?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    This is a short version of a question asked by Agya, member of our YATU forum. The original question can be found HERE. Thank you Agya!


    “I wish we could discover who made us so intelligent and created ‘GOD’. Do you believe in GOD, will science give us that answer some day?”

    My answer is in the video, please watch and let me know what you think!


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    Derek Whitney
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    Good Morning Deepak and all

    Firstly, I must congratulate Menas and yourself on writing ‘You are the Universe’ – it is so cleverly written, by providing an introductory overview of where our very limited science has taken us, then having highlighted just how limited the scientific perspective is – opening the doors to the literal eternal unlimitedness of all…which I believe is better pointed to via silent, no thought time in nature, all great art ie: Mozart, Bach, Rumi, Tagore, Michealangelo and many others….the vastness of Source/Consciousness/God or what I was guided to term the ‘Feltness’ that we all are is beyond accurate word description.

    It appears just as cells and form experiences of life are recursive, so in a similar way are universes and in the eternal, no time reality of the cosmos, the very brief ‘human species experience’ is similar to a cup of coffee experience to an individual. It is but an educational game that Source has created for it’s own end – to live, to sensorially experience an almost unlimited number of earthly form experiences and to eventually retain the sum total of human, animal, insect, tree, river, ocean, environmental ‘Feltness learnings’ which will inform the next ‘big bang’ creation of a new Universe somewhere (in human time terms) in the distant future.

    To what end/aim? Well the answer points to Love – as when studied under a microscope the cells of every form of life on Earth ie: human, animal, insect, plant – optimally perform when placed in an environment of ‘harmonious co-operation.’ The ultimate cellular flow gifting state for any human is when ‘being Love’ and it seems, if we were to live, from cradle to grave, the highest possible expression of ‘being Love’ while we are here in this form, we could perhaps all be living an ageless existence, in human terms perhaps living 150-200+ years in perfect, flowing health.

    If we only ‘knew’ our true Self, as the One Feltness energy Self that we and all are.
    From the Loving, energetic essence knowing, that is beyond thought, of the ,literal truth of who and what we are – then a very different planet closer to common perceptions of Heaven would be shared….but in truth, even beyond these current perceptions. Imagine a planet where every human, animal, tree, river, ocean, land was living in perfect flowing harmony – where the health of a tree mattered as much as the health of a baby or a bear, or a fish….where no-one had to focus on themselves because everyone takes care of everyone and the only state of being is Love. It is impossible to comprehend by thought ….but not impossible to ‘know by the Feltness’ that we are.

    Namaste Deepak, Menas, Aurora and all.

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