Readers Ask: Why Do We Inflict Suffering?

////Readers Ask: Why Do We Inflict Suffering?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by @derek-whitney, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Derek!


    “I believe that the Source intention for the creation of all form is to continually deepen the experience of Love and beauty, which it does utilizing a myriad of form experiences. An important one of these is pain.

    For just as in each individual human, the capacity to be more empathetic, compassionate, understanding and forgiving, tender, playful etc grows with each lived experience of pain, so too it seems Source , via the human species, deepens its capacity to be Love, via the global experiences of pain.

    Can it be that all dysfunction, including wars, eco-destruction, slavery, mass captivity and inhumane farming of other sentient beings etc – is serving exactly as it is intended, the Source intention of deepening the Source capacity to create even more wondrously from Love?”

    Please watch my answer and let me know what you think!


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    Aurora Carlson
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    So basically, @derek-whitney, you asked if there is any purpose to suffering, and Deepak answered that suffering comes from not knowing our true nature.
    I guess we all ask ourselves what the purpose of pain is whenever we encounter it. “Why oh why??” is a question I too have asked many times. I used to try to construct a meaning for any painful situation I found myself in, until I realized that any situation is a reflection of a state of consciousness. So instead of trying to create a positive story about the pain, excuse and give meaning to the pain so to say… I let go of all that and simply went deeper, to the pure consciousness having the experience. In that deepening of awareness, the painful experience showed itself as what it was- an experience that has arisen out of unconscious mental habits. With awareness, one easily lets go of the experience and that habitual choice is dissolved, allowing much more rewarding experiences.

    When it comes to collective experience of pain and suffering, as I see it, the same mechanism applies. So let’s continue to deepen the awareness of the real self, beyond all people, stories and constructs!

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    Derek Whitney
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    Hi Deepak, Menas and Aurora

    Thank you for responding to my question Deepak.
    I appreciate both yours and Aurora’s thoughts.
    To put into context, I guess I was asking, not on a human level, as in truth, as you know, we don’t exist.
    But I believe, as Lao Tzu wisely pointed 2500 years ago – form is simply the vehicle that Source/TAO uses to ‘deepen it’s own capacity to be and create anew from Love/Truth/Beauty (which are one and the same).

    When we truly know, from being, that nothing exists and that all experience is simply to deepen Source capacity to deepen it’s own capacity to be and create from LOve/truth/Beauty – is there ever really any ‘pain?
    ie: Is pain real or simply an illusory human ‘story construct’ based on a non existent being which is form.

    I believe that there is no pain.
    There is only Source experience – all of which serves the only purpose – which is to eternally deepen Source capacity to be and create from Love.

    I welcome any additional thoughts / contributions in response.

    Thank you and Namaste

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      Aurora Carlson
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      Dear Derek, thank you for your thoughts, I much agree with you that pain is simply an experience in consciousness, thus as real/unreal as any other experience. Consciousness itself is what is, while experiences… well… I find it more and more funny whenever experience is taken seriously. And that’s where compassion comes in, as mistaken identification with mind creations/experiences leads to a painful life for so many, and starting to laugh in the face of pain is certainly not going to be generally understood as sane 🙂

      In any case, it’s very nice to meet “others” who know this. I guess consciousness is now ready to not only unveil but also acknowledge its tricks in more of us 🙂

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