Readers Ask: Why Is There So Much Suffering?

////Readers Ask: Why Is There So Much Suffering?

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    The question was asked by @mike_abraham, member of our YATU forum. Thank you Mike!


    “Doctor Chopra – I have read all your materials and have been following you for years. I have one puzzling question that I simply cannot find the right answer… Why do humans in some countries suffer and are less privileged than others, example poverty stricken in many 3rd world countries, people who live in slums etc., Yes many of this can be attributed to the corruption or incompetence and greed of governments or people. However the larger question I have is, did the soul or life energy choose to be born in the physical realm to certain parents in certain countries where they cannot escape the harsh reality even by using power of Intention/Attention etc., Example, the so called untouchables of India, the lepers who die under horrible circumstance etc.,

    I have witnessed many of the above and I resorted to religion to explain this but could not find an answer…why is the Universe unfair and unbalanced in this aspect. These are innocent people who are simply victims of circumstances…take kidnapped children as an example etc., was this the choice of the soul/spirit/life energy before they were born into the physical realm. I am looking for an explanation.

    Love your book and materials, great job you have done for humanity!!”

    As always, I welcome your comments! Please keep sending in your questions, making sure you use @question in your text!


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