Reader's Ask: Will Cryogenics, AI, Cyborgs Help Us Become Immortal?

////Reader's Ask: Will Cryogenics, AI, Cyborgs Help Us Become Immortal?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    The question was asked by Psychedelicacy, member of our YATU forum.

    What level of brain damage would cause you to detach to your cosmic self or into another organism, how close to death before that happens?

    What if you are revived from death, i.e. cryonics, do you come back from your cosmic self/the other organism to once again exist as the one who was revived?

    And then if duplicates of your organism nature creates exist of you in the future, would they be you? Why do we always seem to be fixed in this particular organism we’re experiencing?

    Thank you Psychedelicacy!


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    Lindsay Briner
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    Thank you Deepak! This is a touchy subject but you answered it very gracefully. It is becoming clear that there is a growing need for an appropriate ethics of this emergent human ontology, where consciousness interfaces with technology. I feel the ontological primitive you laid out in YATU will help be a guiding force in helping develop this, as well as a an adequate framework approach for an interdisciplinary epistemology for neuroscience with technology. Well done!

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