Some Questions I'm Asking Scientists And A Few Thoughts

////Some Questions I'm Asking Scientists And A Few Thoughts

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    Just thought I’d share some questions I’m asking scientists:

    Is consciousness made out of particles and waves?
    Or is the brain made out of particles and waves and consciousness is a property/emergent phenomenon/epiphenomenon/byproduct/illusion of particles and waves?
    If consciousness isn’t made of particles and waves then wouldn’t it be nonphysical.
    If consciousness is made out of particles/waves/fields then consciousness is one with the quantum level and all quantum characteristics apply to consciousness.
    Such as quantum entanglement, retrocausality, etc.

    If the mind is identical with the brain, then that means the mind is made of atoms, elementary particles, waves, fields, etc. All the way down to the quantum level the mind is present since, after all, neuroscientists proclaim the mind IS the brain.

    This opens the doorway I think, to everything being one to the ultimate degree. Since consciousness displays the properties of quantum physics, namely, non-locality. And most importantly, there won’t just be eternal oblivion as a reality for you at/after you die. Because you’re everywhere at once, therefore, you can never not exist. You didn’t come into existence and you’ll never go out of existence.

    Nothing itself is nothing. The unconscious probably doesn’t exist. It self-nullifies itself. Nothing most likely doesn’t have any reality. There’s no unconsciousness in coma/syncope/slow-wave sleep/etc and no nothing “out there.” You’re the sole observer, called reality, that is/as in, everything ever, observing your infinite self and there’s nothing other than you. Every “part” of reality is entangled and in an unbreakable relationship.

    A lot of my point, regards why it’s silly that quantum effects only apply at the quantum scale and not at the level of our brains.

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    I should add:

    We’ve already seen quantum effects percolating up to the biological scale. The field of science called quantum biology that’s actually taken serious by some shows this. So, that seems to be evidence to me that the quantum realm is one with the mental/neural level.

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    Lindsay Briner
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    Hi Psychedelicacy, Great questions… I have asked these questions many many times as well. I think that, especially according to Deepak’s Ontological Primitive, the waves and particles of physics of an emergent property of conscicousness but cannot be reduced to consciousness itself. Therefore, consciousness becomes ontologically irreducibile, where the physical and nonphysical characteristics of consciousness become orthogonal. Such as, ‘stuff’ that is measured in momentum, weight, length, and in physical measures, and ‘stuff’ that is measured in emotion, thought (qualia) –are 2 totally different kinds of substances – and of course they relate as a premise of experience, subjective impulse translates to physical body, but science does not yet explain *how* they relate. This is why philosopher David Chalmers called this core issue “the hard problem.”

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