Some Thoughts On Existence And Nonexistence

////Some Thoughts On Existence And Nonexistence

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    Hopefully, with existence, we’ll only be dying in a dream. Which is fine because it’s just an illusory end. An illusion of being the permanent end of existence. So the fear is for nothing. It’s either a temporary end or there’s not even a gap of temporal nonexistence that you somehow undergo. You just remain conscious at the instant of death. And onwards. In that even temporal unconsciousness for you is not an option, because you can never not exist in some way, some form or state. The appearance of going unconscious ever during life is an assumption, since just because you don’t remember what was going on in your mind and reality. It doesn’t mean you weren’t there in any way. It only means you don’t recall what was going on for you, perhaps. It doesn’t mean you were nonexistent in those times you don’t remember anything, per say. No memory doesn’t imply no experience. For instance, when you’re blacked out drunk you’re clearly having experience, it’s just not recorded while it’s happening. Proving experience can happen despite seeming, after the fact, like you weren’t experiencing anything. There’s no way to prove experience is ever absent, in life or in death. No way to prove you’re not eternal. I was talking about blackout amnesia while drinking alcohol, by the way.

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    That is deep. Reading from the book, I infer that experience is all about ‘pure consciousness’ manifesting itself. When there was no experience, consciousness was ‘being’ ( and is still being). That dimension of pure consciousness is seemingly out of human mind perceptions. To ‘experience’ something is using the senses and the mind to process the stimulus. So I think experience and mind go hand in hand.
    But as consciousness expresses into the ‘mind’,it creates experiences for us or ‘qualia’. What ultimately exists is consciousness, while experience is just a manifestation. However, I believe that one can grow out of sensual experiences to the level of not really experiencing but just ‘being’ in pure state of consciousness- the ‘Ah ha’ moment.

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