The Ultimate Free Lunch : A Piece of Bread, Your Body and Star Stuff

////The Ultimate Free Lunch : A Piece of Bread, Your Body and Star Stuff

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    Deepak Chopra
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    In this video I am answering a question about the chapter What Is the Universe Made Of? and one more question posted on the forum.

    Question 1:
    “You write that if you hold a loaf of bread in your hand and ask, ‘What is this made of?’ the answer physics gives today is ‘Nothing, but we have lots of good ideas about that.’
    What IS the loaf of bread made of in your view?”

    Question 2:
    “I just heard Deepak’s Facebook live talk about how the senses are our way of tapping into the field of awareness. Beyond the 5 senses is there an experience of ‘knowing’? Perhaps intuition is another word for this. But is there also a knowing at the level of the collective?” (Question asked by Robin P.)

    Let me know what you think!


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