The Universe Is… Because We Are? Or We Are… Because The Universe Is?

////The Universe Is… Because We Are? Or We Are… Because The Universe Is?

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    How can we for sure know which way it is? I always seem to drift back and forth between viewing things as all one non-local consciousness and then to viewing everything scientifically. Here’s a quote related to this topic, from the scientific point of view:

    “If we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating out conceits?” – Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark (1995).

    Here’s some related questions to think on, if desired (sorry if there seems to be a bias towards physicalism in some of these questions):

    What determines who ends up existing within the universe/multiverse/reality and who doesn’t?
    Why am I part of reality opposed to not ever being a part of reality?
    Why is there something (consciousness existing anywhere) rather than nothing?
    Why is there something (“physical reality”) rather than nothing?
    What specifies which organism/physical system I inhabit within reality?
    What is anything?/what is actually going on?
    Is “physical reality” outside of us/our consciousness, or is “physical reality” within us?

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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @psychedelicacy , thank you for your question! I have answered in Readers Ask: Is Physical Reality Outside or Within Us?


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