The universe is made up of conscious thoughts

////The universe is made up of conscious thoughts

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    Vikram Chauhan
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    To understand what the universe is made of, we will have to go through the “story” of the universe from its very inception to its current state.

    In the beginning there was nothing. There were only potentialities. That potentialities existed in the universal consciousness. This is because, potentialities cannot reside in nothing. They have to have a conscious “being” where they can reside. And these potentialities were infinite. It is wrong to use the word infinite here, since they were simply potentialities.

    The universal consciousness is infinite. But it is again wrong to use the word infinite here, since universal consciousness has no boundary.

    The universal consciousness has potentialities of what? It had potentialities of thought in it. Because consciousness can only contain potential thoughts. It cannot contain potential of material things.

    The main attribute of universal consciousness (or any consciousness) is collapsing.So, the universal consciousness collapsed the potentialities of thought into an actual thought.

    Now, that actual thought was also conscious. And that means it had access to potential thoughts (now, these thoughts may be animate or inanimate objects).

    To make things easy to understand, let us take the example of an electron. When consciousness is not observing the electron, the electron exists in potentialities. When consciousness is observing the electron, consciousness collapses potentialities into an actual electron.

    But now, consciousness (thought) does not know the charge of the electron. Only on further observation, consciousness collapses the potentialities of charge of an electron into an actual charge.

    So, the thought is in fact conscious and it in turn has potentialities. The consciousness of the conscious thought sources from the universal consciousness.

    From the above discussion:
    1. Universal consciousness has potentialities of thoughts (which it collapses into one thought or the other)
    2. The collapsed thought has potentiality of thoughts (which it collapses into one thought or the other – either material or immaterial)

    How does the collapsed thought have access to the potentiality of thoughts – since they have already been collapsed by the universal consciousness? This is because thought itself is conscious. And a conscious thought in turn has potentialities of thoughts.

    It is a property of consciousness to have thoughts in potential (be it universal consciousness or thought consciousness).

    The first thought that was born in the universe was conscious. But, it was not as conscious as the universal consciousness. So, it had less potentiality to collapse into actuality.

    1. The first thought in the universe collapsed the potentialities it had access to, to another thought (this thought was either an animate thought (animate object) or an inanimate thought (inanimate object)) – note that even an inanimate thought has consciousness to some degree: since every thought is conscious,
    2. If it was an inanimate thought (inanimate object), it remained as such (quantum Zeno effect). If it was animate thought (animate object), the two thoughts combined were more conscious and had larger potentialities (possibilities) in them.
    3. So now, the potentialities could be collapsed into a more evolved animate thought (or a more evolved inanimate thought – a larger inanimate thought).
    4. And thus began the evolution of the universe.

    The universe is nothing but conscious thoughts –
    1. Conscious thoughts caused the evolution of the amoeba (amoeba is nothing but conscious thoughts).
    2. The amoeba caused the conscious thoughts of the sunlight and water for it to survive (it could also choose other conscious thoughts, that would make its survival possible).
    3. The amoeba then had a conscious thought to divide. And the amoeba (conscious thought) divided.
    4. And thus began the evolution of the universe, through the process of conscious thought.

    And then came the human beings, who discovered the “sun” (through conscious thought) [I am not going through all the five senses but, thought gives rise to all the five senses]. They thought that there should be a sun and through the quantum Zeno effect, the sun was born.
    The human beings later extrapolated the universe to the Big Bang.

    The Big Bang does not exist. It is an imagination (conscious thought) of the human species. The only thing that exists is conscious thoughts.
    Conscious thought was the first thing that came into the universe. It was collapsed by the universal consciousness.

    So, the universe from built in reverse –
    0. First there was universal consciousness (there is a reason I am putting it as 0. – it is the only thing that exists – it is eternal)
    1. Then came conscious thought
    2. Then came amoeba
    3. Then instantly, came sunlight and water – since the amoeba needed sunlight and water to survive
    4. Then came human beings
    5. Then came the sun (since the homo sapiens had a conscious thought about the sun)
    6. And finally came the Big Bang (since the homo sapiens had a conscious thought about the Big Bang)

    And all these things (points 1. to 6.) were nothing but conscious thoughts.

    Conscious thought had consciousness. It did not have as much consciousness as the universal consciousness. Its consciousness was like a drop of water in the ocean of universal consciousness.

    @question: Is my line of thinking correct here?


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    Vikram Chauhan
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    I am trying to understand the birth of the “universe”. Following happened that led to the birth of the universe –

    0. There is only universal conciousness
    1. Universal conciousness had infinite potentialities of concious thoughts
    2. Universal conciousness collapsed the potentialities into one concious thought
    3. The universal conciousness still existed and the concious thought still existed
    4. The concious thought again collapsed potentialities in the concious thought into another concious thought
    5. Both the concious thoughts multiplied, and the conciousness increased
    6. And thus started the evolution of consciousness until it reached human consciousness- and the human consciousness could sometimes reach the universal consciousness (by self introspective meditation)

    @question: Is my line of thinking correct here?


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    Deepak Chopra
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    Dear @vikram-chauhan, thank you for your questions! I have answered in Readers Ask: How Was the Universe Born?


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