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    Dearest Authors and Forum Members,

    “Is anything in the universe there by design? (You Are the Universe: 115)

    My understanding about design in the universe so far is that energy flows from above to below. In other words, energy flows from the universal consciousness (above) to the specific details in space/time (below). And, what we find below (in space/time or qualia) comes into natural alignment according to the impulse or identification of the observer, as we’ve discussed previously.

    To add another example, I’m currently re-reading the Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra, and find many examples of personality identified leadership, where one experiences short sightedness and conflict, compared with soul identified leadership, where within a single breath one can determine the right course of action by remaining unfettered by the personality.

    Wouldn’t any of this imply design in the universe? @question

    A quote from one of my spiritual teachers, “In the process of unfoldment, heart development precedes head development. The emotional nature and the senses unfold prior to the mind, as can be seen if we study humanity as a whole (Alice Bailey, Light of the Soul, pg. 293).”


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