Universal Healing & Unlimited Co-Created Heaven

////Universal Healing & Unlimited Co-Created Heaven

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    Derek Whitney
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    Knowing that just as on an individual form & cell level, when we are Love, we experience flow – so too, on a species level if we could be Love, how we would flow.

    Is it worth discussing and documenting in some way what a beautiful, perfect, all cooperating human Earth might be like – in the hope that encouraging many to think about it, will contribute more energy towards same?

    In a Universe of complete unlimited cosmic possibilities – and for the ‘grain of sand on the beach of eternity’ that we are here for – why not aim stratospherically high?


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    Deepak Chopra
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    Thank you for bringing up this important question, Derek! I have answered on the forum: Readers Ask: If Love Heals Why Not Heal the World?


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