Waking up. Am I to expect a lonely journey?

////Waking up. Am I to expect a lonely journey?

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    As a few of you know, I recently made a little breakthrough on my personal spiritual journey and now consider myself more awake. While so far Ive considered my experience very positive on a personal level, I’ve found it difficult when with people. My default mode when with company is to be present and listen, but it is difficult now that I cannot identify with their norm. Some things seems so obvious now to me, but to them, not at all. I’ve had a few opportunities to offer a bit of basic advise that I have learned on my journey that served me well to closer friends, but for the most part, I’ve refrained from going too deep. Nobody I’ve been around is open enough as far as I can see. I’ve observed myself ‘playing along’, so as not to feel lonely in a crowded room, but that is also very difficult if not impossible. I don’t feel good about doing that.

    Which leads me to another thing. I’m currently single and while I’m not actively looking, I am open to the possibility. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that this may not be possible unless I encounter someone on a similar path. I was dating while I was ramping up my seeking and while she was not against it, even seemed happy for me, she was not interested in it for herself. I never pushed, but did gently encourage her (giving her some of the books I read for example).

    Is what I’m experiencing common?
    If so, what are some strategies to dealing with it?

    I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts.


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    Hi @marc

    Maybe lonely but never alone. Ground yourself in that which you felt when you “got it” and don’t let anyone’s reaction to what you experienced diminish what happened to you just because they don’t “get it.” What you felt at that moment was pure love, it was real, so ground in that, and let it flow through you. You mentioned in an earlier post how you could help humanity understand this. Like Deepak always says, “be the change you want to see.” Let all your actions be from that love and be aware of that love within everyone and everything.

    The journey continues.

    I posted a poem in poetry and art room. Hope it helps.

    Much love, Krista

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    Aurora Carlson
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    Dear @marc , first I just want to make sure that both you and everyone reading knows that you can send questions to Deepak by emailing info (at)jiyo (dot)com

    What you describe is something many have been through when advancing on the spiritual path. As you stop identifying with certain structures, you are no longer sharing the same basis for togetherness. People are most often together based on what they see as their “tribe”.

    So as you no longer belong to any particular tribe… what are you to do? Wander alone?

    The answer will become obvious to you as you start researching your new identity, based in being. Alone is one thing, while being the One is another thing. As you yourself no longer relate based to thought structures, but have moved deeper to existence itself, you will discover that existence (being) is the common ground of everyone and everything. So we could say that you have now discovered that you yourself exists deeper than thoughts, but in time, you will notice that everyone exists there too. So everyone IS the same existence, the same being, the very same consciousness appearing as many.

    Right now you feel as an individual with a lot more depth… slowly you will see that all individuals are nothing other than that depth itself 🙂 Not easy to use words to explain this, it has to be an experience.

    I’ll try to put it another way: you meet a girl you like. Earlier on your path, you would have connected with her on the physical and mental level. For connection to feel right there had to be certain physical conditions and also mental conditions. Now you notice that most people have mental structures that differ from yours, as yours are more and more “diffuse” and unimportant. Well… the next step is to realize that you can connect deeper than the physical-mental level. You can connect on the level of existence, of consciousness itself.

    The girl you like will no longer be within your liking range because of the right physical and mental conditions, but there will be a recognition of a togetherness beyond that. She might not at all be aware of that togetherness, or she might be (if you’re lucky)… but the thing is that it doesn’t matter. What matters is your capacity to connect at that depth. We could call that depth love, and I mean that love which remains love regardless of physical and mental structures. She could be or become “imperfect” physically, she could have or aquire “imperfect” mental structures… but if you have connected at the deeper level of being or love, you will simply love 🙂

    Eventually you will notice that you love simply because that’s what your identity is. You will also notice that what you are (pure consciousness or love) is creative, so all you need is the intention for friends or a partner who can share the journey with you to show up- and they will.

    In general, I think you need to reinterpret your view on the purpose of relationships… they are not means to ward off loneliness, but help on the path to discovering that there are not many, but one.

    I hope this helps 🙂 You are on an exciting journey!

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    Hi @krista and @aurorac,

    I get what you are both saying. Already I do feel more connected to those around me because I know at that deeper level we are all one. This has helped me at work where I now look past and deeper. I’ve always felt that I am alive to help others on their journey. Now I know this to be true and it starts at this deeper level and acknowledge that we are not really ‘we’, but ‘I’.
    I think when I’m in some situations thoughts become more pronounced and as I see them generally the essence of past conditioning, it’s a little bit more tricky for me to not fall under its spell when in a group. I do become aware which I guess is good, but I see I’m blaming others for this which is not true. I see that in all situations I have to recognise the being in all of us regardless of the outward actions.
    I suspect like every thing else this takes practice and shying away from people or situations is not the answer. This feeling of being alone in a crowd is another of my past conditioning I have to go beyond. The ego will always have the tendency to identify as a separate self and this is one of its ways. I just have to be rooted in being. Just continue putting one foot in front of the other and continue.

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