What Is a Loaf of Bread Made Of?

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    Menas Kafatos
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    Menas Kafatos

    Question to Menas Kafatos:

    Dear Menas,

    You write that if you hold a loaf of bread in your hand and ask, “What is this made of?” the answer physics gives today is “Nothing, but we have lots of good ideas about that.”
    What IS the loaf of bread made of in your view?


    The Universe is made of the same “stuff” as we are made of, by definition. We are made of conscious Awareness and experiences. This is the secret of the universe, and this is the point of our book.


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    Vikram Chauhan
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    Hi Menas,

    You talk about thoughts (awareness). And the universe is made up of thoughts. I understand that. But where do thoughts come from?

    I strongly believe that before the universe, there were only possible thoughts (thoughts in potential). But, possible thoughts cannot be there unless there is a thinker. That thinker is God. But God is immaterial. The possible thoughts were collapsed into an actual thought. And that actual thought was the first substantial thing in the universe.

    Am I correct in the assumption that possible thoughts cannot be there unless there is a thinker?

    The other way round it is true: if there is a thinker, he has thoughts – it means he has the capability of accessing possible thoughts (also abides with quantum mechanics – thoughts are un-collapsed into possible thoughts).

    The conclusion is that before the universe, there was a infinite, eternal pool of possible thoughts (potential thoughts). There was an immaterial conscious being (we can call him God) – who collapsed the possible thought into an actual thought. And thus began our universe. Am I correct?

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