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    When I dream, I feel a sense of happiness, joy, and comfort all around me,
    But there is only pain, desolation, and distress that I find here.

    When I dream, I smell the beautiful flowers,
    Of red, blue, purple, pink, and all the nature’s handsome colors,
    As they sprout into a lively life,
    From the womb of Mother Nature,
    But here I only smell the scent of my little children’s dead bodies,
    Buried beneath the wild, yellow prairie grass surrounding me.

    When I dream, I hear nature singing me the songs of love, life, and beauty,
    But here it is only the music of crying, helpless mothers that fills the empty room in my ears.

    When I dream, I see myself enjoying,
    As I watch my little children laughing in the midst of beautiful red roses in my little garden,
    And they play hide and seek with me when I call them inside to eat,
    But here I find no roses and no children,
    For they have hidden deep into the heart of Mother Earth,
    Where I can never again go and find them.

    When I dream, I see bright and colorful lights gleaming all around me,
    But here I find only darkness.

    When I dream, I feel the magical power of being a woman,
    I sense a desire to reach out to the world and make a big difference,
    But here he has taken it all away from me,
    He has taken away from me all of my sweet roses,
    And left me in the house alone to labor for him like a slave for his master.

    When I dream, I learn to live,
    But here I only know how to die.

    When I dream, I see every single mother, sister, and wife in the world dreaming my dream,
    And I see every single woman on earth finding a new life in my dream,
    But this dream is a reality, my friends,
    For it has taught the woman how to live,
    And now that they want to live their own life,
    No power in the universe can break the strength of their sole womanly dream.

    When I dream, I see the future generations of my daughters living in my beautiful dream,
    But the only difference is that they will live in a world I only dreamt of.



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    Dear @richa

    Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Much love, Krista

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    Dear @krista,

    So nice to meet you on YATU forum. Thank you so much for your message. Thanks for reading the poem.

    Love & regards,


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    Aurora Carlson
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    Dearest Richa, this is absolutely wonderful, and every woman on this planet understands perfectly well what you say.
    Remembering that we are not women, but that which creates this dry, painful dream you call “here”, a painful dream in which both men and women play their ingrained roles… that is the key to giving life to the roses, beauty, happiness our divinity longs to express. Not as women, but as God we manifest!
    Thank you for this wonderful confirmation that the dream in my heart is in all other hearts!

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    Dearest Aurora,
    I hope you are well. I thank you so much for your beautiful message. It is always a blessing to hear back from you. 🙂

    And yes, I agree with you. We are that which creates this dream…not as women, but as God we manifest.

    I appreciate your kindest compliment.

    Much love & Humble regards,


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